Golf Carts

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Golf Cart Operation Regulations

  1. General Laws of Massachusetts Chapter 149: Section 62.
    Golf Cart
    No person shall employ, or permit to work a minor under 18 years of age to operate a motor vehicle of any description, except golf carts on a golf course, even if the minor is licensed to operate a motor vehicle.
    • If over 18 and licensed to drive, a person may operate a golf cart after having been trained to do so by a supervisor or other qualified person.
    • Only Credentialed Drivers of Amherst College may operate a vehicle, including golf carts.
  2. The passenger capacity of the golf cart may not be exceeded. Normally, the carts are two passenger or four passenger maximum occupants.
  3. When operating on the walkways of the College, Pedestrians always have the right of way. Operators should be extremely cautious when on the walkways.
  4. Golf Carts may not be operated along PUBLIC WAYS at anytime. This is inclusive of College Street and South Pleasant Street. Massachusetts General laws specifically only allow Golf Cart operation crossing public ways when the Golf Cart is used in conjunction with a Golf Course and certain liability insurance requirements have been met.
    • If necessary to cross Rout 9 or Route 116 , the operator shall do so only at crosswalks after utilizing pedestrian flashlights, and when vehicles on the public way have come to a complete stop.
    • Golf carts, lawn mowers and other slow moving vehicles which do not have license plates shall be equipped with permanent or temporary "flashing" strobe lights if they are used to cross public ways.
  5. Golf carts shall be parked so as not to obstruct normal egress from buildings or block exits, handicapped ramps or paths of pedestrian travel on sidewalks. These vehicles may not be parked in handicapped spaces, metered parking spaces, reserved spaces (unless specifically reserved for the off the road vehicle) or fire lanes. Whenever possible, these vehicles shall be parked in the loading dock service area of a building (but shall not block access to refuse dumpsters). Golf carts should always be parked on level surface, when at all possible, with the emergency brake engaged.
  6. Golf Carts may not be operated during the hours of darkness, unless they are outfitted with headlamps and tail lamps.
  7. The vehicles must be turned off, parking brake secured and the keys removed from the vehicle when the operator leaves the vehicle, without exception. Parking on inclines should be avoided, if possible.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles including Utility Vehicles.
  9. Use of ear buds or over-the-ear phones to listen to music is prohibited while operating golf carts. 
  10. Persons operating in violation of the regulations or operating in any other unsafe manner may be instructed to park the Golf Cart and surrender the keys to the AC Police. A meeting will then be arranged with the Chief of Police to determine if the person will be allowed to continue to operate any golf cart on the campus.
  11. Any accident involving an off-the-road vehicle shall be reported to AC Police immediately and an accident report form completed for every incident. An accident is defined as any collision or other contact between the off-the-road vehicle and any other vehicle, property or person that results in any damage, not matter how small, to the off-the-road vehicles, to any person, to any other vehicle or to any other property.
  12. Each department shall be responsible for maintaining the safe operation of its vehicles. Departments shall notify the Facilities Maintenance Garage of any mechanical hazard or unapproved accessories.
  13. When not in use, vehicles must have their keys removed and be stored securely in a secure (locked) facility or chained.
  14. Golf Carts leased by programs may only be operated by staff of that program.
  • Questions and concerns about the above should be brought to the Amherst College Police Department.
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