Residence Hall Heating Systems

Your residence hall is heated using hot water. Your room’s thermostat controls the flow of hot water through baseboard heaters.

What does your thermostat look like?

Picture with 4 different thermostats used in residence halls.

If your room is cold, here are a few tips to try to adjust that:

  • Confirm the thermostat setting
  • Check that windows - both top and bottom - are closed and locked
  • Remove any clothes, furniture or other items that might be preventing air circulation at the baseboard heaters

If your room is still cold after going through this checklist, please call 413-542-2254 and press #1 when prompted.

Care for some fun facts about your heating system?

  • Heating temperatures across campus are set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 2 degrees)
  • On warm days, the automated building controls will lower the water temperature, saving energy while maintaining comfort
  • When the outside temperature is above 62 degrees Fahrenheit, the heating system will turn off. The building mass is enough to keep inside temperatures comfortable.

More information on sustainable practices on campus can be found here.