In 2024, two major construction projects on campus continue to move forward. 

The Climate Action Plan—the decarbonization of the campus energy system—is a critical infrastructure project that will take place over the next decade and require most campus buildings to be retrofitted. Construction began in 2023 to transition the campus’s heating and cooling systems from steam to a modern low-temperature hot water geothermal system. Learn more about how this system works. 

The new Student Center & Dining Commons, a new central hub for campus life at Amherst, also began construction in 2023. Major demolition of the old Merrill structure is now complete.

Construction updates and notices for the Climate Action Plan (CAP) will be added to this page. Please check back often for new developments. The campus community will also be notified of construction updates through the Daily Mammoth.

See an archive of previous CAP work and construction maps on our CAP Timeline Archive.

Construction Timeline

June 3–August 16, 2024

A map of campus with shaded areas as described within the accompanying text

Map Key: Fixed fence (blue shaded areas); Maintain pedestrian access at all times (red lines); Quadrangle Road closed (red box)

See a larger version of the map

  • Locations for construction fencing (see map for more details)
    • Merrill/New Student Center
    • King/Wieland Quad
    • Mockup Farm behind Merrill Apartments
    • West of College Row and around Octagon
    • West of Frost Library
    • South of Main Quadrangle/north of Webster Hall and War Memorial
    • North of Seeley Mudd and south of Stearns (Charles Pratt Hall offline)
  • Quadrangle Drive will be closed west of the Main Quadrangle from June 12 - July 13. During this time, access to the Main Quadrangle will be via Barrett Hill Road to the east.
  • Parking west of Johnson Chapel and along Johnson Hill Road will be closed.
  • Parking in front of Seeley Mudd will be closed June 3 - August 4.
  • Construction vehicles will be using Johnson Hill Road, Quadrangle Drive, Barrett Hill Road, East Drive, and Merrill Science Drive.
  • Octagon will be closed from February 1 - August 16, 2024.
  • Buildings closed from June 3 - August 16, 2024:
    • Stirn Auditorium
    • Charles Pratt Hall
    • Appleton Hall
    • South Hall
    • North Hall
    • Williston Hall
  • Other buildings that will experience disruptions due to CAP work:
    • Mead Art Museum
    • Seeley G. Mudd Building: North entrance closed June 3 - August 4
    • Webster Hall
    • Johnson Chapel
    • Frost Library
  • An accessible route from Webster Hall north to the Main Quadrangle will be maintained throughout construction.
  • Access to Seeley Mudd is from the west and south only.
  • A non-accessible route is available from the Greenway stairs to Stearns Hall via the Mead Art courtyard.
  • The sidewalk from Kirby Theater to the top of Johnson Hill will continue to Quadrangle Drive via Johnson Hill Road.