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CHI space 
CHI - Center for Humanistic Inquiry
Completed in 2015

Amherst College's new Humanities Center is located in a completely renovated portion of Frost Library's second floor. The Center houses visiting scholars, faculty and fellows in a collaborative, digitally enhanced space. The center is open to students for study and collaboration after hours. Construction was completed in spring of 2015. 



Valentine Dining Furnishings
Completed in 2015

This project involved upgrading furniture in Valentine Dining Hall. New configurations feature high-top seating, booth seating, and areas of soft seating styled after a relaxed café setting.  A series of focus group meetings were held with students, administration and dining services to determine the optimal configuration of table layout and seating options. 


Chilled Water Plant  

Chilled Water Plant & Distribution System Upgrades
Completed in 2013

The chilled water plant project provides increased energy efficiency and air conditioning capacity on campus. The new Trane chiller and system upgrades will enable the New Science Center to maintain efficient and well controlled environment.

Pratt Field House during the day  
Pratt Field Facilities
Completed in 2013

This project included a new Pratt Field, Lumley Track, athletics building, press box and grandstands.  Upgrades included a new artificial turf, track accomodating NCAA events and lighting for night games.

Mind & Life
Hitchcock House
Completed in Spring of 2013

This project included an energy retrofit; installing heat pumps for heating and cooling, added insulation in the attic and basement, changing the lighting and installing efficient equipment.



Seligman Renovation & Addition
Completed in 2013

This new addition reflects much of the exterior detailing and patterning of the existing dormitory. Similarly, the interior design and renewal of the residence hall maintains much of the existing character of the building including exposed wooden beams and fireplaces while improving accessibility and common space functions.


Faculty Housing  

Faculty Residence Renovations
Completed in Winter 2012-2013

This project involved splitting the previous three faculty houses into two units each, having a complete modernizing makeover inside while preserving the historic exteriors of these homes. Importantly, efficiency upgrades included a complete re-insulation, new lighting, efficient appliances.


Frost Library Enhancements

Frost Library Enhancements
Completed in 2012

Interior renovations and upgrades have been completed in Frost Library. This renewal effort was based on several key recommendations and conclusions of the library planning effort conducted by the College. The interior renovations include new interior finishes and furniture, improved acoustical performance and flexible study spaces.  

  Lord Jefffery
Lord Jeffery Inn Renovation
Completed in 2011

The existing building underwent a thorough renovation incorporating a new ballroom.  “The Jeff” now features all new furnishings and amenities in the 49 renovated guest rooms and suites, updated and expanded conference and function facilities, a full service restaurant and modernized utilities.

Advancement Precinct
Completed in 2010

This project involved substantial renovations of Smith House and Pontypool House in order to create office space for the College’s Advancement Department.  

Academic Facilities Plan
Completed in 2010

Analysis of non-residential,  non-athletic  space  allocation and utilization, projecting academic and administrative space needs, and suggesting ways to optimize space use and increase long-term space efficiency.  Shepley Bulfinch’s planning group led the effort.  

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Seeley & Hitchcock House Renovations
South Pleasant Street
Completed in 2009

Comprehensive renovations included a substantial addition to Hitchcock.  The dorms were updated with high performance building envelopes and high-efficiency mechanical and electrical system, solar thermal now provides most of the domestic hot water needs for Hitchcock, all while respecting their historic character. 

Music Practice Rooms
Arms Music Building
Completed in Summer 2008
New high-performance practice rooms were built in Arms Music Building.
Building Relocations
Completed in April 2008

An extreme case adaptive re-use -  Amherst College was able to save two homes: Tuttle Farm and the Potvine House.  Each were slated for demolition until a local developer was found who could restore and re-use the vacant houses as “new” homes nearby in Amherst.  For both these buildings it was their second move.

Cogeneration Plant
Added in Winter 2008
The cogeneration plant was put in place in order to help reduce the campus’ carbon footprint, reduce fuel costs, and use less energy through the simultaneous production of electricity and heat. The plant reuses waste heat from combustion to produce steam.
War Memorial Restoration
Quadrangle Drive
Completed in 2007
The memorial and surrounding landscape was returned to the original design, including removal and replacement of overgrown and unhealthy plantings, repair of all stone work and installation of a perimeter drainage system. 
Center for Community Engagement
Keefe Campus Center
Completed in August 2007
The Center of Community Engagement was created in a central location to emphasize student participation.
Charles Pratt Dormitory Renovaton
Quadrangle Drive
Completed in 2007
This comprehensive renovation and addition project converted the former Pratt Museum and Geology Building into a residence for 119 students. The design of both the interior and exterior highlights the historic character of the building. 
Cohan Dorm Exterior Renovation
College Street
Completed in 2007
The College replaced all of the windows and repaired and upgraded all of the flashings on Cohan Dorm in order to improve the overall quality of the building.
Gooding Turf Field & Hills Field
Hitchcock Road
Completed in 2007
An athletic area and corn field were transformed into a state of the art artificial turf playing field, a natural turf practice field and a softball diamond. 
Wilson Admissions Addition
South Pleasant Street
Completed in 2007
The Wilson Admissions building expanded in order to create office space for their expanded program.
Hamilton & Porter House Renovation
College Street & Boltwood Avenue
Completed in 2007
Comprehensive renovations preserved the original aesthetics of these buildings while updating all aspects utilities, access, life-safety, interiors and exteriors.
Beneski Earth Science and  Museum of Natural History
Barrett Hill Road
Completed in 2006
The home of the Department of Geology and the Museum of Natural History contains teaching and research labs, faculty office and support spaces, a large lecture hall and the Beneski Museum.
Morris Pratt & Morrow Dorm Renovations
Pratt Quad
Completed in Fall 2006
Part of the seven year first phase of the Residential Master Plan, this project addressed the pressing needs to improve sophomore housing on campus.  Comprehensive renovations updated the layouts of the buildings, exterior envelop, handicapped accessibility, and all mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems.
James Hall & Stearns Hall
Main Quad
Completed in 2005
These halls, occupying a prominent position at the heart of campus, were constructed to house first year students while maintaining the historic character of the Quad.
Crosswalks at South Pleasant Street and College Street
Completed in Summer 2004 & 2005
The Town of Amherst and Amherst College collaborated to develop and implement crosswalk designs that would help motorists be more aware of pedestrians, encourage them to stay at the speed limit and encourage pedestrians to cross only at the designated crosswalks.
Career Center Renovations
College Hall
Completed in March 2005
The Career Center moved from Converse Hall to the first floor of College Hall.  This new space enabled the Career Center to expand its operations for students with more space, a larger resource library, computer stations, interview rooms, and a classroom space. 
North College/ South College Renovation
Quadrangle Drive
Completed in Fall 2004
This comprehensive renovation project included a complete redesign of the interiors as well as a historically sensitive restoration of the exteriors of Amherst’s oldest buildings.
Weiland & King Halls
Merrill Drive
Completed in Fall 2004
These two new dorms were built to provide housing for 115 students.  These buildings are reminiscent of the simple Puritan buildings of historic College Row.
Infrastructure Upgrades
All Campus
Completed in Summer 2004
Amherst College's infrastructure consists of steam, water, chilled water, storm drain, condensate return, fire suppression, sanitary drain, electrical, fiber optics, telephone and various low voltage networks that support every facility on campus. The Infrastructure Upgrades project significantly updated a large percentage of these systems, some of which were 50 to 100 years old. 
Seeley Mudd Fit-out & Renovation
Off of Quadrangle Drive
Completed in Fall 2003
The home of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department underwent a partial renovation on the first and fifth floors as well as a complete fit-out of the basement level
Williston Hall Renovation
Quadrangle Drive
Completed in August 2003
This was the first dormitory project to be completed under the College’s Residential Master Plan.  It brought modern amenities to one of Amherst’s most historic buildings.  Most of the original structure was removed and rebuilt within the original historic masonry shell.
Classroom Improvement Prototype Project
Chapin Hall/ Merrill Science Center
January 2003
A small seminar room in Chapin Hall and a larger seminar room in Merrill Science were renovated, including improvements to the furnishings, technology and lighting as a part of a campus-wide classroom improvement program.
Bunker Archives
Bare Mountain
Completed in November 2002
In November 2002 the Five College Book Depository opened at the Bunker. The HVAC, lighting, fire detection and sprinkler systems were upgraded to provide an archival quality environment. 
Temporary Dorms
Behind Merrill
Completed in Summer 2002
The Temporary Dorms, known as Waldorf and Plaza, are modular buildings constructed at an offsite facility and assembled on campus during the summer 2002. They are intended to be in operation throughout the cycle of the Residential Master Plan work, providing the extra dorm room capacity required while other dorms undergo renovation.
 Japanese Garden, Yushien
Between Kirby and Webster Halls
Completed in September 2002
This garden was designed and installed in recognition of the special relationship between Doshisha University and Amherst College. 
Cooper House Renovations
College Street
Completed in September 2002
Comprehensive renovation and new addition, including all new electrical and mechanical systems, a new roof, new windows, and a reconfiguration of the interior spaces were done to this former residence to allow Black Studies and Philosophy Departments to move in. The historic character of the original building was enhanced through attention to detail.
Residential Master Plan
All Campus
Completed in 2002
The Residential Master Plan was a two-year effort, completed in 2001, to analyze Amherst College's residential program and map the future of facilities. This plan generated a course of action to improve the campus residential environment in response to current and future needs and preferences in student living.
Central Chilled Water Plant Expansion
Completed in 2001
This plant provides cooling to Life Sciences, Merrill Science, Mead, Keefe Campus Center, Seeley Mudd, Fayerweather, and Beneski Earth Sciences.  The chillers provide a cost-effective energy source for cooling, reliability, and energy efficiency.
Fayerweather Hall Renovation
Barrett Hill Road
Completed in 2002
The renovations to Fayerweather Hall include state of the art studios, classrooms, lecture hall for 80, and new spaces devoted to fixed image study and a second 2D studio. Fayerweather now accommodates a more spacious Eli Marsh Gallery in the northwest corner, and two galleries in expanded hallways built along the "hyphen" that links its two wings.
Mead Art Museum Renovation
Quadrangle Drive
Completed in 2000
Mead Art Museum had significant renovations that include the construction of new class and office space, a new teaching gallery and major enhancements in storage and infrastructure. The interior renovation of the building includes new heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems to bring the museum up to national professional standards in the galleries, storage and art preparation areas. 
Buckley Recital Hall
College Street 
Completed in 2000
Buckley Recital Hall went through a major rejuvenation that replaced the seating, acoustical draperies, and carpet. Lighting was updated, and a new removable performance floor surface was added.