The goal of our Customer Service Plan is to provide superior service to our customers by utilizing the talent and tools we have at our disposal. To achieve this goal we must perform quality work and communicate in a timely and effective manner with our customers. Only through the combination of quality work and timely communication before, during and after the work is performed can we expect to provide the superior service that the Facilities Department holds as its standard.


The Customer Service Plan outlines how work orders are created and how our customers are notified about the Facilities Department plan for accomplishing the work. Guidelines for responding to customer communications are included along with the responsibilities of the Supervisors and Technichians once work orders are assigned.


Ultimately the only way to determine the effectiveness of a Customer Service Organization is to ask the customers to let us know how we are performing.We will be sending "Customer Service Questionnaires" to a representative sampling of our customers. We will be able to use these questionnaires to determine trends which will enable us to fine tune the plan or to be assured that we are on track and performing as a Superior Service Organization.