Access Control

Facilities Management, IT and the Amherst College Police work in a cooperative relationship to provide access through mechanical and electronic means to facilitate optimum use of facilities on campus.

Accident Investigation

Amherst College Police Department (ACPD) is responsible for the investigation of accidents which occur on college property such as motor vehicle, personal injury, and property damage caused by acts of nature.  Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible for the investigation of industrial or environmental accidents.  All accidents must be reported to ACPD Dispatch Center immediately.

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration

The Mechanical Shop provides installation, routine maintenance, and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration units. As a chargeable service the shop will install, repair and maintain specified departmental laboratory refrigeration equipment and special climate control rooms. Service requests for new air conditioning units must be requested through the Service Center. All requests for new air conditioning units will be subject to a feasibility technical review and then forwarded for appropriate approval by the Director of Facilities.

Asbestos Abatement

Members of the campus community with concerns about asbestos/lead/PCBs are encouraged to contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. They will make a preliminary site visit and will evaluate the potential hazard, answer questions, and contact, if required, a licensed hygienist for bulk and/or air sampling. If abatement is necessary, a licensed contractor will be engaged.  Please contact EH&S by email at

Bulletin Boards and Whiteboards

Bulletin boards and whiteboards are available for the placement of posters, displays, signs and other similar materials. Requests for bulletin boards in academic or administrative areas may be made through the Service Center. Bulletin boards will be installed as a Chargeable Service. A work order request with account number purchase order is required prior to installation. The College discourages affixing posters, signs, or banners to buildings, trees, lamp posts, or other outdoor structures.

Carpentry Services

The Building Trades Shop constructs, installs, and provides routine maintenance and repair of furniture, shelving, cabinets, picture frames, and bulletin boards. The Building Trades Shop is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all masonry structures including concrete steps, porches, walls and chimneys. In addition, the Building Trades Shop provides for the maintenance of all roofs, doors, windows and structures associated with college buildings. Upon request the Building Trades Shop will fabricate and install shelving, and cabinets, benches and other carpentry items as a chargeable service. The Building Trades Shop will provide cost estimates requested through the Service Center.


The Paint Shop is responsible for repairing frayed or damaged carpet, and furnishing and installing replacement carpet when it is required.  Carpet is inspected annually to insure that it is serviceable.  For economic reasons carpet will not be replaced until it has reached the end of its service life. All carpet used in college buildings must conform to the Massachusetts Fire Code.  Requests to change a floor surface from any other material to carpet will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Director of Facilities.  Carpet cleaning is scheduled as part of the Special Services work plan. All questions or requests concerning carpeting should be directed to the Service Center.

Chargeable vs. Non-chargeable Work

Non-chargeable work is work that is requested or performed as needed to maintain the integrity of buildings and the campus grounds. All other requests are likely considered chargeable, and a price quote can be provided by the trade shops. All Special Services requests, including trucking and special event set ups/breakdowns are considered chargeable.    

Code Compliance Review

Members of the campus community who have concerns about building safety or code issues are encouraged to contact the Service Center. The Service Center will arrange for a response to your question.

College Drawings

Drawings of college facilities, systems and utilities are maintained on file by the Planning, Design and Construction Department (PD&C).  Simple floorplans for all buildings are available to the College community at .  Full construction documents for more recent projects are available in DWG digital format.  Older projects are available in paper format.  Anyone needing access to construction documents should contact the Service Center, who can coordinate with PD&C.  Printing can be arranged via the Campus Print & Mail center.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Shop is responsible for the general housekeeping efforts in all the academic, administrative and residential buildings. Each custodian is responsible for maintaining safe, clean, orderly, and sanitary conditions in their assigned buildings and adjacent grounds. General custodial work includes, but is not limited to, the cleaning of offices, common areas, lavatories, floors of all types, minor facilities maintenance, glassed areas and other areas as assigned. Duties also include limited furniture moving, snow removal, light bulb replacements, solid waste recycling, trash removal, and special services support. Custodial Services are scheduled Monday through Friday from 6:00a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Limited weekend custodial service is provided to specific areas of the campus that are open to the college and/or community.

Design Services

The Planning, Design and Construction Department (PD&C) can provide initial project consultation at no charge including guidance for the requesting party to secure funding to proceed into design phase. Design, budgeting or feasibility analysis is managed by PD&C, but most projects will require hiring consultants.  Requests should be made through PD&C.


The Electrical Shop is responsible for installation, maintenance, and repair of all electrical distribution systems on campus. This includes but is not limited to high voltage of 13,800 to 24 volt, Fire/Intrusion/Panic Alarm systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pump Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Fiber Optic Communication, Pedestrian Crosswalk Lighting, Exterior Emergency Call Phone Systems, Elevator/ Wheelchair lifts, Electronic Door Access, Telephone/Computer Systems, and all generator /battery backup for our campus wide Emergency Distribution Systems providing standby and Life Safety power.


The Electrical Shop administers a service contract for all elevators on campus. The contract includes inspection, preventative maintenance, repairs and upgrades. All repairs involving an interruption of service are coordinated with departments to minimize inconvenience. Emergencies and routine problems with elevators should be reported to the Service Center.

Emergency Maintenance Service

Some situations are considered emergencies and require prompt attention to avoid danger to health, damage to property, or major inconvenience. Heating problems, serious roof or pipe leaks, and power failures are examples of problems requiring emergency service. When reporting and emergency be sure to give you name and to specify the nature and location of the problem as precisely as possible. In the event of an emergency during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. call the Service Center (413-542-2254). During nights, weekends, and holidays call Campus Police at (413-542-2291).

Fire Extinguishers

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety maintains and arranges service for all fire extinguishers in campus buildings as well as vehicles.  They also train faculty, staff and students on fire extinguisher use.  Anyone noticing a discharged, missing or misplaced fire extinguisher should notify the Service Center immediately.  Anyone who is interested in becoming trained on fire extinguisher use may contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at

Heating and Ventilation

The HVAC/Mechanical Shop provides routine maintenance and repair of heating and ventilation systems. Contact the Service Center regarding problems related to heating and ventilation.

Indoor Air Quality/Mold Investigation

Members of the campus community with concerns regarding indoor air quality or mold should contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at They will perform an investigation and if required, air monitoring will be done to determine the cause of the issue and a solution will be developed to rectify the problem. 

Keys and Locks

The Lock Shop is responsible for issuing keys and for repair and replacement of lock sets in all college buildings.  Keys are issued to individuals after they submit a Key Requisition Form approved by their Department Head.  Requisitions can be obtained from the Lock Shop located at the Service Building.  Keys can be picked up from the Locksmith 24 hours after the requisition is received.  The Lock Shop maintains a record of all keys issued.  For your security, keys should never be duplicated.  Lock changes may be requested through the Service Center.  There may be a charge for lock changes that are necessary because of a lost key.  Special or unusual requests for lock changes and modifications that are approved will be provided as a chargeable service. Please see Key and Lock Policy for specific details.

Moving Services

Special moving services may be requested through the Service Center.  These include faculty office moves, moving of large shipments, moves due to renovations, or moves for college events.  All moves, which will be scheduled as time permits, are chargeable services. Contact the Service Center.

Name Plates and Signs

Name plates and signs for doors, offices, labs and specific areas in buildings will be made and installed in accordance with the college's general graphics standard.  Name plates and signs for room identification are provided by the Facilities Department as part of the Building Trades service.  Special signs and name plates may be requested from the Service Center as a chargeable service.


Painting of campus buildings is scheduled when conditions require it. All other discretionary painting services are rendered as a chargeable service when requested and approved by the Facilities Department. When routine maintenance painting is required, some discretion in the selection of color may be available.  The college provides a color chart from which all paint selections are made. The Facilities Department must review all color selections.

Pest Control

The Service Center is responsible for the coordination of pest control in most buildings campus-wide, with the exception of rental housing properties and dining facilities. The contract provides for weekly, routine inspection and service to kitchens, bathrooms and common areas of the buildings covered under contract. Student rooms, offices, and classrooms are routinely inspected and serviced as needed. Please contact the Service Center at to report any issues or for any pest related questions or concerns.


The Mechanical Shop provides routine maintenance, alteration, and additions to building plumbing systems including sewers, domestic water systems, drains, plumbing fixtures, and basic repairs. The Mechanical Shop also services the campus steam and condensate systems.

Pool Vehicle Reservations

College owned vehicles are provided to facilitate college business and may be reserved through the ACPD Dispatch Center.

Receiving Shipments

Seymour Warehouse is the central receiving point on campus for Facilities Department shipments.   However, if a department is expecting a large delivery and your location on campus lacks building access, Seymour Warehouse can be utilized.   In order to make arrangements for large deliveries, advance notice needs to be given.  Please call ext. 7953 to do so.  The following information is required to make arrangements: 

  • Contact person and department requesting delivery
  • Type of merchandise
  • Name of carrier
  • Estimated day and time of delivery. Please note, Seymour Warehouse hours of operation are from 7:00am – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday.   No delivers can be accepted if the college is closed due to a holiday or inclement weather.   

If you are having difficulty reaching someone at Seymour Warehouse, please contact the Service Center at ext 2254.

Recycling and Composting

Amherst College uses a single-stream recycling program which allows for easy disposable of such items as paper, rinsed plastic bottles, metal cans and glass jars, clean pizza boxes, aluminum foil and trays, clear plastic clamshell containers, empty aerosol cans, milk/juice cartons, etc. all within the same bin. The college also recycles clothes, books, mixed electronics, batteries, furniture, metal, fluorescent light bulbs, and construction and demolition waste as well as much more, all in an effort to work towards a greener more sustainable Amherst College. More information about the Amherst recycling program can be found through the Amherst College Sustainability page at, or by contacting the Landscape and Grounds Department at 542-8369.

Snow Removal

Snow removal on campus is a joint effort handled by the Landscape and Grounds Department and the Custodial Shop with support from Facilities staff. Entrances to buildings (including walkways, stairs and handicap accessible ramps) roadways, sidewalks and free floating staircases are shoveled/plowed. With our campus being integrated into the town of Amherst, many of our sidewalks are maintained by the town of Amherst. The Landscape and Grounds Department still work to keep all of these areas clear of snow and ice, as it affects our daily campus life. A limited number of shovels can also be borrowed from our Amherst College Police Department at special request, with the temporary exchange of a license or ID.

Special Services

Special Services supports faculty, staff, and students with scheduled special events and/or tasks.  Once a reservation is scheduled, Special Services will work with the customer and plan the details of the request.  These requests range from trucking/moving services, setting up for an event, office moves, and delivery of specialty items such as blackboards, podiums, easels, booklets, tables and chairs.  Requests can go through the Reservation Office, the Service Center or the Custodial Shop.  Cost estimates will be provided upon request.

Trucking Service

The Facilities Department provides campus trucking service for items too large for the mail. In most cases this is a chargeable service. All requests for trucking service should be made through the Service Center.