Request Service

The Service Center is responsible for receiving, evaluating, and responding to all requests for service.

Faculty and Staff requests for service can be sent to the Service Center online, by telephone, e-mail, inter-office mail or in person.

Students should submit requests for service to the Service Center by calling x2254 during regular hours. For emergencies or after hours, they should call Campus Police at x2291.

Authorized work is scheduled based on the following Facilities Department system: Emergency, Essential Operations, Preventive Maintenance and Scheduled Work. Work may be performed by either in-house employees or by contractors. All questions concerning the status of work should be directed to the Service Center.

Contact Infomation:

  • Phone: 413-542-2254
  • To Report and Emergency After Hours: 413-542-2291
  • Email: Service Center

Service Center Hours: Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Service Center Supervisor: Jennifer Fite (jfite)

Funding for Services