Non-Reimbursable Services 

Services for which the Facilities Department receives an annual budget allocation are provided at no charge. The services are limited to College property and include: maintenance and repair of buildings, custodial and security services, maintenance of landscaping and grounds, maintenance of assigned vehicles and the maintenance and operation of utility distribution systems.

Reimbursable Services

Reimbursable services are services rendered to departments, groups, and individuals for which the Facilities Department does not receive a budget allocation, and which must be paid for by the requestor. The Facilities Department charges for reimbursable services are billed at actual cost. Examples include: additions of special equipment; departmental trucking and moving; fuel and maintenance for vehicles permanently assigned to other departments; minor alterations to structures or areas or services not considered essential to the basic operation of the building; moving of departmental office furniture; painting or redecorating other than regular maintenance; window curtains; special services; and student damages.