The Financial Aid Portal

Portal Access

What Is My Financial Aid Portal?

The Financial Aid Portal is a secure online system that allows applicants to monitor the status of financial aid applications. If you've applied for financial aid from Amherst, you can use the Financial Aid Portal to check your personalized document list to be certain that you've submitted all the material needed for a financial aid determination to be made. It's also the place where decisions about your financial aid eligibility are posted.

How Do I Access The Financial Aid Portal?

To access your financial aid portal, complete the following three steps:

Step 1:  Request your username and establish your password:

  • Go to the Amherst College Password Reset page.
  • Enter your e-mail address that you listed on your admission application and hit the submit button.
  • You will immediately be sent an e-mail which will include your username and a link to the “Change Password” screen.
  • At the “Change Password” screen, enter the temporary password sent in the e-mail.  This password is time sensitive, so it is important to complete this step promptly. 
  • Create a new strong password that satisfies the password rules.

Step 2:  Access and review your financial aid application checklist:

  • Once your username and password are set up, you can access the Financial Aid Portal at
  • At the Login screen, enter your Amherst College username and password.
  • Hit enter, which brings you to your home status page.
  • Click on the “Documents & Messages” link to review the current status of each required document.

Step 3: Submit any missing application materials:

  • Documents shown in blue are live links to more information or to the form itself.
  • Respond promptly to ensure that any missing materials are submitted as soon as possible.
  • Notices of financial aid awards (if your application is complete) will be accessible online at the same time admission decisions are available to first-year and transfer applicants.

Email Address: If we need clarification or additional information from you, we will e-mail you; we do not send e-mails to parents.  It is extremely important that you provide an accurate, reliable e-mail address that you monitor regularly. You should notify us promptly of any change to your email address. To update your e-mail address, use the “Change Email Address” option in the Account Tools section at the bottom of your Admission  Status Portal.

Note 1: If you have applied for financial aid and have already set up your Financial Aid Portal credentials, but now can't remember your password, you should follow Step 1 above to reset your password.

Note 2: If you applied for financial aid and received an e-mail explaining how to set up your financial aid username and password to access the Financial Aid Portal, but never actually did set up your access and can't find the e-mail now, you should follow the same procedure in Step 1 above to establish your Financial Aid Portal credentials. 

As always, if you have any problems accessing your financial aid portal, or if you have any other questions about your application or aid eligibility, please e-mail us at for assistance.