Canadian Students

Students from Canada are eligible for all financial assistance provided from Amherst College funds.  Canadian students may be referred to their provincial student loan programs in fulfilling the self-help component of a financial aid offer.  Application instructions are found in Applying for Aid.  All financial entries in the CSS Profile form or other documents (except tax returns) submitted to the College should be given in United States dollars and translated into English, if necessary. Canadian students should not complete the FAFSA.

International Students

Financial aid awards are available each year to international students. International applicants should follow the procedures outlined in the section of our webpage for international students.

Information for Undocumented Students (including DACA-Designated Students)

Amherst is committed to meeting 100% of the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted student, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Our financial aid packages for non-U.S. citizens include on-campus employment and institutional grant aid, without any loans. In circumstances where students are unable to fulfill work expectations, Amherst may replace the employment contribution with a loan - students are not required to accept this loan. To apply for financial aid, undocumented and DACA students must submit the College Board Profile and federal tax returns or income verification, as requested by our Office of Financial Aid.

Please consult the Amherst College Admission Office website for additional information on applying for admission as an undocumented applicant.