Once your financial need is determined, you will receive a financial aid offer that equals 100% of your calculated need. First-year and transfer applicants are sent emails from both the admission and financial aid offices that decisions are available on their respective portals. The Financial Aid Portal has information about the status of: 

  • Your financial aid offer
  • Required documents 
  • Important messages for you about your aid offer

Typically, the first $1,800 of a student's need is met with self-help in the form of an employment opportunity during the academic year. There are no student loans included in an initial financial aid offer (students can still request student loans if they decide to borrow). All further need is met with gift aid - scholarship/grant assistance.

You do not have to accept aid offered in the form of self-help (work) in order to receive gift aid (scholarship) from the College. The College will not replace the self-help component of your aid offer with scholarship or grant assistance, however.

Partner Institution - College Cost Transparency Initiative

Amherst College is committed to using the Principles & Standards of the College Cost Transparency Initiative in its student financial aid offer.