Job Opportunities

The usual expectation is that a student will be able to earn about $1,800 from work during the 2023-2024 academic year. This represents about four to five hours of work each week. Job opportunities include work on campus in the College's food service, physical plant, libraries, laboratories, art gallery and studios, and academic and administrative offices. As of January 2023, Massachusetts minimum wage became $15.00 per hour.

There are two kinds of student employment:

  1. Federal Work-Study: A federal program under which students with financial need may be employed on campus. No more than 75 percent of a student's wage is provided from federal funds; the remainder comes from the College. Funds are also available for a limited number of Federal Work-Study jobs off campus during both the academic year and summer. In these positions, students work with governmental agencies or nonprofit organizations in nonsectarian and nonpartisan activities that are "for the public good."

  2. Institutional Student Employment: Work that may be assigned without regard to a student's financial need and for which the College bears full cost of compensation.

Additional details on student employment.