Fees for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

The following is a schedule of fees at Amherst College for the 2020-21 academic year.

Schedule of Fees 2020-21 Academic Year
  Fall Term Spring Term Academic Year
Comprehensive fee*
(tuition, room, board)
$37,900 $37,900 $75,800
Student activities fee 365 365 730
Residential life fee
(not required of off-campus residents)
93 93 186
Campus center programs fee 42 42 84
Student health insurance
(may be waived if the student has comparable coverage)
2,0721 - 2,072

Tuition insurance for medical withdrawals

98 98 196
Total $40,570 $38,498 $79,068
*Includes Tuition $29,945 $29,945 $59,890
*Includes Room 4,315 4,315 8,630
*Includes Board 3,640 3,640 7,280

1. 2019-2020 Health Insurance Cost Shown

Term bills are available on-line through the student’s ACData account at https://acdata.amherst.edu. The first semester bill is due and payable on or before August 3, 2020; the second semester bill is due and payable on or before January 4, 2021. All College scholarships, monthly payment plan payments, and any other cash payments appear as credits on the bill. Other scholarships, grants, student loans, and parent loans will be credited to the student account when funds are available from the respective sources. Payments made to student accounts may be adjusted in anticipation of credits from pending aid sources.

Each new student is charged a $175 fee, which includes a $25 life-time transcript fee that allows all students to obtain transcripts on request without additional charge. The remainder of the fee is a guarantee deposit, which is refundable after graduation or withdrawal from college, less any unpaid charges against the student’s account. Miscellaneous charges such as fees for late registration, extra courses, course materials, library fines, lost or damaged property, etc., are payable when incurred.

The fees listed in the above schedule support various activities of the student body. In addition to the student activities fee, there are residential life and Campus Center programs fees, which are used to support all campus programs.

The student health insurance charge is billed in full on the fall term bill and covers twelve months of accident and sickness insurance for the period August 15, 2020, through August 14, 2021. Any clinical services provided on campus at the Student Health Service are covered by the comprehensive fee for all students. Further details concerning the Student Health Service and student health insurance plan appear on-line at https://www.amherst.edu/campuslife/health-safety-wellness/health-service. If a student has comparable health insurance coverage, the student health insurance fee may be waived by completing the on-line waiver at www.gallagherstudent.com. Massachusetts state law requires that all students have health insurance, so students must either participate in the College's health insurance plan or have comparable medical coverage. Note that health insurance coverage provided through a state Medicaid program may NOT be available outside of the state. Likewise, coverage provided by a health maintenance organization (HMO) may NOT be available outside its primary geographic area. In such cases, the waiver may not be approved.

A student who receives scholarship aid from the College may request additional grant aid to pay for the College's health insurance plan if his or her family does not have health insurance or substantially equivalent coverage that is available in Massachusetts. A "Request for Scholarship - Health" form should be completed and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. The form is available in the “Forms and Helpful Links” section of the Office of Financial Aid website. The student’s expense budget and grant aid will be adjusted by the cost of the College's health insurance plan.