Your financial aid package is just the first piece of support that Amherst College provides; our resources are intended to support students throughout their college experience as they look ahead to shaping their own financial future. If you are experiencing financial hardship due to an unanticipated expense during the academic year, we encourage you to look through the funds below for eligibility and applicability. You can also reach out to us directly at, and a member of the financial aid team would be happy to meet with you.

Medical Grant

Purpose: For students incurring covered medical and dental expenses, the Medical Grant may be used for out-of-pocket co-pays and covered costs for active dental pain. The Grant may only be used while classes are in session. Review the additional information below for details on what is covered.

Who’s eligible: Typically, students who have Amherst College Scholarship greater than approximately $80,000 are eligible to apply for the Medical Grant.

Access Grant

Purpose: The Access Grant of $1,000 annually is automatically distributed to eligible students, and is one of the ways Amherst is increasing equity for students. The Access Grant is a proactive measure to help students prepare for unanticipated costs and personal expenses that may otherwise pose a hardship.

Who’s eligible: Typically, students who have an Amherst Grant of more than approximately $80,000 are eligible for the Access Grant.

Health Insurance Scholarship

Purpose: Amherst College requires that all students either participate in the College’s health insurance plan or have comparable medical insurance coverage. For eligible students enrolled in the College’s health care plan, the health insurance scholarship may be used to fund this cost to the student.

Who’s eligible: Students with an Amherst College Grant, who certify to the Office of Financial Aid they are not covered by their family’s insurance or do not have substantially equivalent coverage available to them in Massachusetts. 

Taxable Scholarship

Purpose: If you receive scholarship and grant aid that totals more than the cost of tuition, fees, and books in calendar year 2023, you may have taxable financial aid that should be included in your U.S. income tax return. As a result, we may assist you with a grant.

Who’s eligible: Students who’ve filed their 2023 federal income tax return and incurred tax liability from excess scholarship and grant aid.

Emergency Fund

Purpose: The emergency fund assists students experiencing financial strain and need supplemental resources due to temporary hardship. The funding is intended to assist students with meeting immediate needs so they can continue their studies with minimal disruption.

Who’s eligible: Amherst College students currently enrolled

*Students do not need to be eligible for financial aid to apply for the emergency fund