Enhancements to Amherst’s generous financial aid program help our highest need students navigate financial hardship or unanticipated expenses during the academic year.

Access Grant

The Access Grant is distributed to eligible students automatically. The Access Grant represents one of several initiatives to increase equity for students, and helps students who experience unanticipated costs and personal expenses that would pose a hardship to the student. The Access Grant is typically awarded to students who are eligible for Amherst College Scholarship in excess of approximately $80,000.

Medical Grant

The Medical Grant assists students in active medical pain and helps with the costs associated to alleviate that pain. The Medical Grant is only available during the periods of instruction. For Fall 2024, that period is September 3rd through December 20th. In Spring of 2025, the semester begins on January 27th and continues through May 15th.

Health Insurance Scholarship

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Amherst College require that all students have health insurance through the College or have comparable medical insurance coverage while at Amherst. Students who are eligible for Amherst College scholarship and who enroll in the College’s health insurance plan may request additional Health Scholarship assistance to cover the cost of the College’s student health insurance.

Taxable Scholarships

If you receive Amherst College scholarship and/or grant assistance that exceeds the total costs of tuition, fees, and books for calendar year 2023, you may have financial aid that is considered taxable income by the IRS. If you file US federal taxes and have tax liability resulting from your taxable financial aid, the college will revise your Amherst College scholarship to cover the tax liability.