International Students: Applying for Financial Aid

To be considered for financial aid at Amherst in 2017-2018 or 2018-19, you must complete:

CSS Profile

Complete the CSS PROFILE form and submit it to the College Board. Amherst College's CSS PROFILE code number is 3003. Please complete the CSS PROFILE reporting your family's financial information in the currency of your home country.

Note: Applicants from Iran cannot complete the CSS PROFILE; applicants from Iran should complete the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA).

Applicants for whom the CSS PROFILE application fee would present a serious financial hardship should request a fee payment code by e-mailing; be sure to include your full name and where you reside.

If your parents are separated or divorced, both of the student's biological/adoptive parent(s) will complete their own CSS PROFILE. Each parent will access the CSS PROFILE with different log-in credentials. The non-custodial parent will need to create a College Board account before providing their information. It's highly recomended that the student and custodial parent start the CSS PROFILE first, as the non-custodial can't submit information until the student selects a school that requires the submission of non-custodial parent information.

If any parent owns an interest in a business or a farm, s/he must complete the International Student Business/Farm Supplement. The completed Business/Farm Supplement should be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid at Amherst College directly.

Income/Wage Documentation

Submit original 2016 income tax return(s) for you and your parents, and documentation of 2016 income and taxes paid directly to the Office of Financial Aid. Documentation can be sent to the office by: e-mail to; fax to 413 542 2628; or standard mail to PO Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002 USA. All electronic documentation must be sent in .pdf format (images are not acceptable) and documentation should be in original foreign currency. All documentation and notations must be translated into English.

Candidates for Transfer to Amherst

Transfer applicants already studying in the United States who demonstrate financial need are eligible for financial aid at Amherst. To be eligible for financial aid, a transfer candidate must follow the same instructions as above.

Submission Dates 
Early Decision
November 1
Regular Decision
February 15
Fall Transfer
March 15
Spring Transfer
November 1