"Outside" Scholarships

If you receive any assistance from an organization outside of the College, this aid must be taken into consideration in calculating your financial aid award.  For this reason, you are required to report any such aid, regardless of amount, to the Office of Financial Aid.

Most outside scholarships are given to recognize particular achievement on the part of the recipient.  As a result, the College allows outside scholarships to replace self-help (work) in the financial aid award to a maximum of the self-help in an aid package.  An outside scholarship cannot be used to replace your family's contribution.

Funds Administered by Amherst

If you have financial need remaining after the subtraction of self-help and "outside" scholarships, it may be met with:

  • Amherst College Scholarships. Aid drawn from the College's scholarship endowment income, annual gifts for financial aid purposes, and current operating funds.