Peer Ambassador Office Hours

 Peer Ambassador Office Hours

The peer ambassadors can be found in Frost Cafe Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9pm, as well as Sundays from 2-4pm. Our ambassadors have a shared common set of financial aid knowledge, but each has a few areas of expertise that you can approach them about during their office hours, or contact them directly

Office Hour Schedule

Day                      Time                Ambassador                         Specialties

Sundays             2-4pm              Grace Montoya                         Financial literacy, Student employment

Sundays             7-9pm              Andrea Webb                            Appeals process, Financial literacy/ budgeting

Mondays            7-9pm              Andres Nino                              Study abroad, Outside scholarships            

Tuesdays           7-9pm              Sara Kaufman                           High need resources,  Study abroad, Financial literacy

Thursdays         7-9pm            Abdullah Brown-El                     Financial literacy, Student loans  
                                                        Emma Cape                                  High need resources          


2019-2020 Financial Aid Peer Ambassadors

Who are the Financial Aid Peer Ambassadors?

Financial Aid Peer Ambassadors are full-time Amherst College students who have been trained to help enrolled and prospective students navigate the financial aid process during their time at Amherst. Additionally they have a variety of experiences navigating those resources themselvesand are driven to help other Amherst students take advantage of the full breadth of resources available to them.

How Can The Peer Ambassadors Help Me?

  1. REAPPLICATION: The peer ambassadors can help you fill out and navigate forms that are needed when you reapply for financial aid.
  2. WORK STUDY: Peer Ambassadors can provide guidance to students looking for student employment during their time at Amherst, as well as what steps to take after being hired.
  3. DROP INs: Peer Ambassadors are available Sunday from 2-4pm along with Sunday through Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm in Frost Cafe for one-on-one chats regarding questions, help with forms, or to offer referrals to deans and staff as needed.
  4. WORKSHOPS: Peer Ambassadors will be holding workshops throughout the academic year on different subjects of interest to the student body. If you are part of a student organization that is interested in holding/collaborating on a workshop you can reach out to the ambassadors at!