Financial Aid

Domestic Study or Study Abroad

Students who qualify for financial aid at Amherst College may apply their aid to study at another institution within the United States or abroad, subject to the following conditions:

Your proposed coursework must be approved and considered full-time and equal to a full semester's worth of credit toward your degree at Amherst College as determined by the Registrar of Amherst College.

Students are fully responsible for all financial aid funds dispersed on their behalf.  Voluntary withdrawals will result in the full cancellation of all Amherst financial aid funds paid on the student's behalf.  Federal funds will be subject to federal regulations that might require the student to repay federal aid funds. Cancellation of financial aid funds, both institutional and federal, will result in a charge to the Amherst student account.  The balance of that account must be repaid before the student can return to Amherst College.

• The amount of aid for which you will be eligible from Amherst College will be based on the cost of the program in which you will be enrolled.  Your financial aid will be adjusted, if necessary, to reflect the cost of your semester or year away.

• Your parents are expected to make the same contribution to your study away from Amherst as they would make if you were studying at Amherst.

•  You are expected to make the same student income contribution toward your study away from Amherst as you would make if you were studying at Amherst.

•  If you study abroad, your academic year student employment expectation will be eliminated.  If you attend a domestic exchange, you will continue to have a term time employment expectation.

•  If you will be taking non-credit courses for which there will be an extra charge, these costs will not be covered by financial aid.  If a non-credit course is required for participation in the program (such as a language preparation course) private loan assistance from Amherst College may be available.

Note: You can not receive financial aid towards the cost of converting currencies or transferring funds.  If your program bill must be paid in foreign currency, the cost for converting financial aid funds paid directly to the program/institution will be charged to your student account (approximately $5 per converted foreign draft).  You may not use financial aid to cover the cost of a EURAIL pass, shipping computers or personal belongings, or for personal travel expenses while abroad.

The currency exchange rate is verified and noted in your file at the time of your initial award. We will review your award, at your request, if the exchange rate changes in excess of 10 percent from the amount used when your award was determined. You must request a review during the academic year that you are away. Adjustments will not be made retroactively in the following academic year.


Procedures For Securing Financial Aid For Study Away From Amherst

After you have been admitted to a program, you should submit the following materials:

Complete Application For Financial Aid: Including the Amherst College Renewal Application, CSS PROFILE Form (including the Business/Farm or Non-custodial Parent Profile, if applicable), Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), signed copies tax returns (all pages, all schedules and attachments) and all W-2 form(s) for you and your parents submitted to the IDOC Service. The Amherst College Renewal Application will be available on our website along with links for the PROFILE Form and FAFSA.

Official Statement Of Expenses From The Program/Institution: This can be a printout from a program website or printed material from a brochure or letter f rom the program/school.  It must clearly state tuition, fees, room and board and if available, projected personal expenses for the semester or year you will be studying away.

Completed Study Abroad/Domestic Study Budget Information Sheet: (available on our website under Forms and Helpful Links): Include on your budget sheet an itemized list of the tuition, room and board, fees, books and supplies, travel to and from the program (one round trip is allowed), personal expenses (excluding personal travel), local commuting expenses (if applicable), visa fees, and any additional required expenses related to your study plans.
You must provide: (a)
the name and phone number of the contact person at the program or institution where you will be studying, (b) the exact name of the program or institution to which the check should be made payable, (c) the complete address where the check should be mailed, and (d) the date by which it must be received. Without the above information, we will be unable to advance any financial aid funds.

Airfare Documentation: If your travel costs are not included in your program fees, you must provide official documentation (from the travel agent, on-line, or your receipt) of your actual ticket expense (not an estimate).  If you use frequent flyer miles to pay for your trip, you can only include in your budget the service charge for accessing your miles.

It is sometimes helpful to speak with program representatives or students returning from similar programs to help determine costs.  In addition, the program evaluation sheets available in the Career Center may contain information about the cost of living in certain countries.

You should determine if the program costs include health insurance coverage. You must have health insurance coverage while you are away. If you need to be covered under the College's Student Health Insurance Plan, please indicate so on the budget sheet.

Once you have decided to study away from Amherst College, please arrange for an appointment with a dean to review the application process and discuss any questions.  You do not need to wait until you are accepted to a program to make an appointment.  If you will be away for the fall semester or the full academic year, be sure your budget information sheet is complete and that you meet with a dean before you leave Amherst for the summer.  If you will be away for the spring semester, please submit all requested materials and meet with a dean.

Upon receipt of your completed application and study away materials, we will determine your aid eligibility and prepare a check request(s) for the amount of aid to be forwarded from Amherst College to your study away program. You will receive copies of all check requests.  Please keep these copies for your records.


• If the program or institution you will attend requires a program deposit and you are a high need student, you may be eligible for an advance of your financial aid to pay the deposit.  You should contact our office to determine if you qualify. Please note that such deposits are typically non-refundable and if aid is advanced to pay the deposit and you decide not to attend, you will need to repay the lost deposit amount to the College.

• Program bills should always be directed to the student - not Amherst College - even if financial aid is expected to pay the entire bill.

• If you intend to study abroad, it is best to make your plane reservations well in advance.  If you need to purchase your ticket several months in advance to secure a lower airfare and if your level of need is such that your aid would be expected to cover your airfare, you may be eligible for an advance of your financial aid to pay for your ticket.  You should contact our office to determine if you qualify.  We strongly urge you to plan ahead and compare rates to secure the lowest fare possible.

Financial aid is applied toward expenses in the following order:

Tuition and fees: Checks are made payable and sent directly to the host institution/program.

Room and board (if provided by the host institution): This amount would be included in the check going directly to the host institution.  If room and board is not charged as part of the program fee and your aid exceeds the billed fees of the program, the excess aid is provided to the student.

International airfare: Money can be sent directly to a travel agent or, with a receipt, to the student.

Books and supplies, personal expenses: If there is aid remaining after all billed expenses and room and board are paid for, a check is provided to the student to assist in covering these expenses.

If the amount of your financial aid does not cover all of your billed expenses at your program, your family will make the remaining payment directly to the host institution, not to Amherst College.  Unless you are participating in the College's AKP exchange program in Kyoto, Japan, or the German Exchange Program at Gottingen University, you will not receive a bill from Amherst College. If your family has an agreement with the Tuition Management Systems, they should contact TMS  directly to stop payments for the semester you will not be enrolled at Amherst College. Some study away programs have payment plans available, but your family will need to contact those programs directly to determine if one is available.

Please note: If your family participates in a pre-paid tuition program with your home state, Amherst College cannot issue bills for students who study at other institutions or programs. Your family will need to make arrangements with your state prepaid program as to what documentation is required in order for your family to access those funds.

Any family contribution in excess of billed fees should be available to you to help meet your other non-billed expenses.


If you are receiving the following kinds of aid, please note your responsibilities:

Federal Perkins, Federal Direct Stafford/Ford, or College Loan:  Federal Direct Stafford/Ford loan students should confirm completion of the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Interview on-line. Recipients of Federal Perkins and Amherst College Loans need to sign and return the loan disclosure statements to the Office of Financial Aid .

NOTE: If you have been selected for Verification, you and one parent must submit to the Office of Financial Aid a completed Verification Worksheet in order for any federal aid to be processed on your behalf.

State Scholarship: Be sure to fulfill all requirements in order to secure your scholarship (e.g., in Massachusetts , students must sign and return an acceptance form).

Outside Scholarships: Advise the Office of Financial Aid of any documentation needed from us to secure those funds (e.g., certification of enrollment or good academic standing).  If you are receiving any of the above-mentioned funds, you will need to sign a Study-Away Loan Promissory Note, so that we may advance money to you or your program prior to our receiving the funds at Amherst.  If you completed all necessary paperwork to secure your financial aid funds, the Study-Away Promissory Note will not be processed.  If you lose aid funds due to your failure to complete paperwork or follow up on missing documents, the outstanding aid becomes due in full prior to your next period of enrollment at Amherst, and the study away loan will be processed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all paperwork necessary to secure the aid you are eligible to receive has been properly completed and submitted in a timely manner.

Please remember to complete your Confirmation of Study Abroad and Travel Waiver of Liability Agreement (available at  for study abroad or for Domestic Study, complete the Educational Leave and Voluntary Withdrawal Intent Form (available from your class dean).

It is also important to pay close attention to deadlines for notifying the Dean of Students of your intention to return to Amherst and for filing your financial aid renewal application which is due by April 25.

A notice of the availability of renewal financial application materials and reminder to apply will be e-mailed to your Amherst College account and a paper notice will be forwarded to your permanent home address in early March. Students who are away for the full year or spring semester must submit financial aid renewal materials by June 1 to avoid late fees.

This page last modified December 10, 2013.