Grants Office

Materials, Equipment and Services:

Materials, equipment, and services, whether obtained from within or outside of the College, should be procured using the Colleges' formal procurement policy. The policy is provided to each principal investigator upon receipt of a new award. The policy can also be requested from the Comptrollers Office or may be found on the Comptrollers' Office web page. Each expense must be approved by the principal investigator. Generally, all materials, equipment and services must be ordered after the starting date and prior to the termination date of a grant or contract. Special attention should be given to the regulations of the sponsoring agencies as to dates within which commitments may be made.

Invoices and interdepartmental charges are sent directly to the principal investigator and have to be approved by him/her, noting the grant number, cost, category (equipment, supplies, etc.). After signature, they are sent to the Comptroller's Office for payment.