Grants Office

Personnel Direct Costs:

Most granting agencies, as well as College policy, require that all salaries paid from a grant or contract be consistent with the salaries and wages which are paid from College funds to other staff members with similar qualifications and experience. Payments to professional and nonprofessional personnel may be made only in proportion to the time and effort spent directly on the project. Salaries of individuals working on more than one project may be prorated according to the percentage of time and effort devoted to each. However, this total amount cannot exceed the person's base salary. Records concerning time spent on the grant or contract should be maintained by the Principal Investigator for each individual receiving salary.

College policy does not permit charge of salaries of full-time faculty members to grants and contracts during the academic year. However, a faculty member is eligible to receive, for work done under grants and contracts, summer compensation for a maximum of two months. The monthly compensation may not exceed 1/9th of his/her base salary. Members of the faculty on sabbatical leave or leave of absence may charge salaries to grants and contracts during the academic year, provided that their total salary payment for the academic year does not exceed the stated base salary.