The Grants Office (formerly Foundation and Corporate Relations, or FCR),  is located on the second floor of the Pontypool Building, at 22 Snell Street. It is just around the corner from Smith House. Our mailing address is:

Grants Office
Amherst College
P.O. Box 5000
Amherst, MA 01002-5000

If you have questions about finding external funding for your research, please contact our director, Lisa Stoffer, who will be happy to help you. If your question concerns a broader project with campus-wide impact, you will also want to contact the Dean of the Faculty.

Lisa Stoffer
Director of the Grants Office
Tel (413) 542-2724

Jeanne E. Weintraub
Associate Director of the Grants Office
Tel (413) 542-8511

Mary Elizabeth Strunk
Assistant Director of the Grants Office
Tel (413) 542-8245

Nika Tomasic
Administrative Assistant of the Grants Office
Tel (413) 542-5113

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