Step 1: Find Funding

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You can locate external funding opportunities in multiple ways. This page contains a few tools to get you started, including grants databases and lists that are curated and maintained by the OSRFR.

If you have a specific funder in mind, review their funding priorities and any information on recent awards available on their website to see if your own work is a fit. You can also search our Recent Grant Awards page to see if any of your colleagues have experience with the funder.

For help in identifying funders, email us at to let us know about your project and funding need. Include information on the timing of your next research leave, if applicable.

Databases & Lists of Grant Opportunities

Grant Databases

Non-Residential Fellowships

Need to stay local for now? These funders do not require you to work in any specific site.

Five-College Funding Opportunities

These support small- and large-scale collaborative, cross-campus events and initiatives.

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Popular Funding Opportunities

The OSRFR maintains a spreadsheet of popular funding opportunities, sorted by due date. Submission deadlines may change. Please confirm due dates on the funding agencies' websites.