Research Grant Opportunities

To assist you in your search for research grant opportunities, we have put together a table of quick links to some common funding sources. The grant opportunities are sorted in descending order by award amount. This table is not intended as a comprehensive source of grant information, but rather as a starting point in your search for funding. Please contact us with other grant opportunities that you think would be helpful for us to include.

circle Humanities      Square Social Sciences      Triangle Sciences 
Organization/Program Eligible Fields Type of Support Amount/
NSF National Science Foundation Triangle Square Sciences and Social Sciences Research and education projects by discipline and program area. Tips on using the NSF website Awards range from $50,000-$500,000 and up/ 1-5years Varies
NIH National Institutes of Health Triangle Square Sciences and Social Sciences Biomedical research on human health and health outcomes Average award of $300,000/1-3 years Varies
NEH Collaborative Research Grants circle Humanities Research projects involving 2 scholars or requiring a research assistant $25,000 -$100,000/ up to three years. Oct./August
Research Corporation Cottrell College Science Awards Triangle Chemistry, Physics, or Astronomy Research projects involving undergraduates $35,000/ 2 years

May 15/Nov.

Nov. 15/April

SSRC Social Science Research Council Square Social Sciences Interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects on specified topics Awards range up to $50,000/
2 years
ACLS American Council of Learned Societies circle Square Humanities and Social Sciences Research in specified fields of Area Studies Stipend, travel/
up to 1 year
United States Institute of Peace Unsolicited Grants Square Social Sciences Research on international peace and conflict resolution Awards range from $50,0000-$120,000/ 1-2 years

Oct. 1/April

CIES Fulbright Scholar Program circle Square Triangle
All disciplines
Lecturing and/or research abroad Stipend, travel/ 2 months to an academic year Aug. 1/March
IREX International Research Exchanges Board circle Square Humanities and Social Sciences Research on Eastern Europe, the New Independent States (NIS), Asia, and the Near East Stipend, travel/
up to 1 year
American Philosophical Society Franklin Research Grants circle Square Triangle
All disciplines
Research projects in all disciplines $1,000-6,000/ 1 year

Oct. 1/Jan.

Dec 1 /March