Step 4: Accepting and Managing
Your Grant Award

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Congratulations! You've won a grant. 

The following information is provided to guide you through what to expect following notification of an award from an external funder.

Institutional Acceptance, Award Set Up & Subawards

Please notify both the OSRFR and the Controller’s office as soon as you hear about your award. Contact information is below.

The Controller’s office reviews the award terms and processes paperwork to officially accept your award. The Controller is responsible for accepting any award that will be administered through the College.

Once your award has been accepted, the Controller's office will:

  • Set up your award in Workday. If there is a subaward, the Controller's office will work with the subaward institute to complete additional required paperwork and set up the subaward and invoicing protocol.
  • Set up a meeting with you to provide financial training and review relevant policy governing expenditures and reporting (i.e. procurement policy, allowable costs, effort reporting, etc).

The OSRFR will work with you to share news of your award through our Recent Grant Awards web page and other channels at the College.

Award Management and Reporting

Throughout the life of your award, please work with the contact listed below for any of the following. Always feel free to reach out to the OSRFR with any questions.

Office Contact Information

Office of Sponsored Research and Foundation Relations

Michael Stein, Director of Foundation Relations, (,  413-542-2724), works primarily with grant seekers in the arts, humanities and humanistic social sciences, as well as academic centers and museums on campus.

Jamin Weeks, Director of Sponsored Research, (, 413-542-8511), works with grant seekers in STEM disciplines.

Danielle Thompson, Assistant Director of Sponsored Research and Foundation Relations, (, 413-542-8245), supports grant seekers from across the college.

Controller's Office

Stephen M. Nigro, Controller, (, College Hall Room 207), is the authorized official representative (AOR) responsible for accepting grant awards from external funders on behalf of the College.

Darlene Sliwa, Senior Research Administrator, (, College Hall Room 211), works with grant recipients across the college on award set up and post-award financial management.

Holly Schwadron, Accountant, (, 413-542-2556), supports grant recipients across the college on post-award grant administration and accounting.