Step 2: Policy and Proposal Preparation

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Preparing a grant proposal can feel overwhelming. You may discover that you have to gather a lot of information before you can begin an application. You also may need to refine the description of your project and its potential impact.

Start early. A successful proposal can take months to prepare. If your idea involves partners in other departments or institutions, begin talking with them as soon as possible. Draft your project narrative and budget many weeks before the deadline. Seek others' feedback as you revise. 

You should notify the OSRFR as soon as your plans begin to take shape. Share the opportunity guidelines with us - we will review them in depth and assist you through the process. Additionally, share a draft of your budget and budget narrative as soon as possible.

Within the pages of this section, you will find detailed information on standard operating procedures and requirements for successfully submitting a proposal to an external funder through the College.

We look forward to working with you!

Grant Application FAQs