Amherst Grant Budget Worksheet

The Amherst Grant Budget Worksheet is an interactive tool to help you construct your budget. Note that it is only a planning tool to get you started. You may need to use a different budget format, depending on the guidelines for the specific proposal you are working on. Grantseekers may contact the Grant Analyst to request a customized template. Learn more.

It contains built-in, protected formulas that will automatically calculate:

  • Fringe benefits (multiplies salary by Amherst's approved fringe rate)
  • Total salary including fringe (the salary you enter is added to fringe costs)
  • Total travel (domestic is added to foreign travel)
  • Total direct costs (salary, equipment, travel, etc. are added together)
  • Facilities and administration, also known as "indirect costs"¬† (multiplies salary & benefits by Amherst's approved indirect cost rate)

 Download the worksheet: