Amherst Budget Worksheet

The Amherst Budget Worksheet is an interactive tool to assist you in constructing your budget.

It contains built-in, protected formulas that will automatically calculate:

  • Fringe benefits (multiplies salary by Amherst's approved fringe rate)
  • Total salary including fringe (the salary you enter is added to fringe costs)
  • Total travel (domestic is added to foreign travel)
  • Total direct costs (salary, equipment, travel, etc. are added together)
  • Facilities and administration, also known as "indirect costs"  (multiplies salary & benefits by Amherst's approved indirect cost rate)

Cost-of-living formulas have been inserted into the worksheet for personnel and other direct costs for years 2 and 3.

  • The formulas are not protected; users may choose to override them by manually inserting numbers into years 2 and 3 of your project, if it extends beyond a single year.
  • The formulas use a 2% cost-of-living increase. It is possible to change the percent in all the formulas by altering the % number in the green cell located to the right of the spreadsheet.
  •  You will need to insert $0 in Years 2 and 3 for personnel if the position is for Year 1 only and you will not have someone working during subsequent years.  This $0 will not be visible to you on the form but it will prevent the automatic insertion of a dollar amount based on the anticipated cost-of-living raise.

 Download the worksheet: