Proposal Development Checklist

Review the proposal guidelines.
If you have questions about the relevance of your proposal idea to the funder, consider emailing  the program officer. If you have questions about the proposal process, contact the Foundation and Corporate Relations Office.
Visit Amherst's grant-seeking web site to obtain Amherst College institutional and cost information.

If your research will involve animals, consult Amherst's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

If your research will involve human subjects and/or identifiable private information about them, consult Amherst's Institutional Review Board.

Develop a timeline to help you plan development of your proposal. Aim for a completion date of at least 5 working days before your deadline. See suggested timeline.

Outline your proposed activity or project and draft the proposal narrative.

Prepare a budget. You may wish to use the Amherst Budget Template, which contains formulas for calculating fringe and indirect costs. Contact Kiku Ichihara at the Controller's Office to answer budget questions. FCR staff can also help with budget issues.

If matching funds are needed, discuss with your department chair and with the Dean of the Faculty.

Contact colleagues for letters of commitment or support as requested by the funder.

If needed, contact organizations to obtain letters of support .

Share your draft and budget with colleagues in your department or field, and with FCR staff for feedback .

Incorporate feedback into a final draft.

Review proposal guidelines against your revised draft.

Ask a colleague or FCR to proofread the final draft for grammatical and typographic errors.

At least one week before the deadline, fill in and obtain signatures for the College's Grant and Contract Proposal Routing Sheet.   Note: If you are applying for non-federal grants that do not involve matching funds, human or animal subjects, equipment purchases greater than $2,000 or subcontracts, you may use the Express Grant and Contract Proposal Routing Sheet. You will need signatures from:

1. Your department chair

2. The Dean of the Faculty

3. The Controller

Depending on the proposal guidelines, either you or the Controller's Office will submit the proposal. Following submission,please send the Controller's Office and FCR a complete copy of your proposal for their records.