Suggested Timeline for Submitting Grant Proposals 

Plan your timeline by working backwards from the submission due date. For example, if your grant or fellowship proposal is due September 15, plan to get started by no later than June. Remember that the first step in grantseeking is not to sit down and write, but simply to read carefully through the grant guidelines. Below are a series of small steps that can help you more easily fit grantseeking into your busy schedule.

3-6 months before deadline

  • Read guidelines; contact the Grants Office for help.
  • If proposal involves cost-sharing, contact your department chair and the Dean of the Faculty.*
  • If your project will involve human subjects, vertebrate animals, or the Wildlife Sanctuary, get in touch with the relevant compliance contacts on campus. (The GrantsLink form* makes this easy.)

2 months before deadline

  • Draft concept paper and develop timeline for your grant-funded project.
  • Begin preparing your budget with the Grant Budget Worksheet. (Contact the Grant Analyst for assistance.)
  • Contact organizations or colleagues for letters of support.

1 month before

  • Draft proposal and share it with colleagues for feedback.
  • Send Grant Analyst your budget draft.

Two weeks before

  • Incorporate draft and budget feedback.
  • Submit your GrantsLink internal review form so it can automatically collect signatures from your department chair, the Dean of the Faculty, and (if needed) the Controller. This form is required before you submit any proposal for an award that will be administered through the College.

* To avoid any complications with your potential grant award, begin filling out the required GrantsLink form as soon as possible. GrantsLink is a troubleshooting tool that will help you create an accurate budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises. You can save your work in the form and return to it weeks, or even months, later.