Instructions for CITI Registration

To begin the CITI Training Program, you will be required to supply information through a series of successive pages, instructions for how to navigate through them are described below. Go to the CITI Program to get started.

1. Click  Register

2. Next Click on Register again, and not log in through my organization.

3. Select your Organization Affiliation

 You will first need to select Amherst College as the participating institution, then continue on. 

4. Personal Information, Username and Password 

Enter your Amherst College email address as the primary CITI email address and your Amherst College username for the CITI username. If you do not have an Amherst College email address but you are affiliated with another institution, please use this email address, otherwise enter your personal email address and create a username. 

5. Continuing Education

Select No when asked if you are interested in receiving Continuing Education Unit credits.

6.  Amherst College Information

Select the department with which you will be affiliated and provide the name of your research advisor.

7. Selecting Curriculum

If you are unsure about which curriculum to select, please confer with your research advisor.

Students: Most undergraduate students will only be required to complete the Undergraduate RCR Course specific to their area of research (Question 1). If you change your research field you may be required to take another course.  Click no for questions 2, 3 and 4 and do not check any box for question 5. 

Others:  Everyone above the undergraduate level  will be required to complete a Postbaccalaureate, Postdoctoral & Faculty Courses specific to their area of research (Question 2). 

Anyone involved in NIH funded research must complete the Conflict of Interest Course (if your research is funded through another source, you do not need to take this module).

8. CITI Main Menu

Begin the course by clicking on the course title. If you are working on a collaborative project with another institution, you can also affiliate with that institution on bottom of this page.

9. Course Modules

You will need to complete the "Integrity Assurance Statement" before proceeding to your first training module. After you complete the training with a passing score, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can print this now or login again at any time to print a certificate of completion. Your certifiacte will be  valid for 3 years.

10. Returning User: I need to add a course / I changed departments / I have a new PI 

If you need to add a new course, once you've logged in Click on My Courses at the top of the menu.