Job Classification and Compensation Review (JCCR)

The Office of Human Resources is undertaking a review of our current job classification and compensation system for all regular, non-faculty positions.  The project will be referred as the Job Classification and Compensation Review (JCCR).  This project represents a periodic evaluation of the College’s job classification and compensation policies and practices, and will help ensure that the College is in alignment with common and best practices.  It will also provide a baseline to evaluate how jobs will be classified and designated.

The purpose of this review is to:

  • Develop a common classification and compensation system for all non-faculty positions that is easy to manage and understand.
  • Assure that all positions are classified and compensated within our employment markets.
  • Develop a structure for career growth (job families and levels).
  • Streamline the job classification approval process.
  • Develop a compensation philosophy that supports Amherst College’s desire to attract and retain high performing employees.

The Job Classification and Compensation Review (JCCR) WILL

  • Create a revised job classification system for administrative and staff positions based on the responsibilities and requirements of the position. 
  • Establish market-based pay ranges for positions by identifying the most comparable labor markets and pay practices within those markets.
  • Eliminate the “trustee-appointed” designation to achieve fairness, equity, and consistency.
  • Replace the “quartile” approach to annual raise determinations with a merit-based approach.

Depending upon the findings, the JCCR Project MAY:

  • Result in pay increases for incumbents found to be below a market-competitive level.

The JCCR Project WILL NOT:

  • Review or consider individual performance in the classification of positions.  This will continue to be evaluated by an annual performance review process. 
  • Result in pay reductions.

Consulting Firm

The College has retained the services of Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, a national human resource consulting firm, to partner with us through this review and design project.  Sullivan Cotter has extensive experience evaluating and designing staff compensation programs for higher-education and other not-for-profit organizations. Our Consultants are:

  • Warren Kerper, Managing Principal
  • Aria Glasgow, Senior Consultant

Project Team

The role of the Project Team is to work with the consultants on every phase of the project, making sure that deliverables are accomplished, facilitating data, coordinating internal communications and keeping the Senior Staff involved in the process.  The project will be led by:

  • Kevin Weinman, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lisa Rutherford, General Counsel & Chief Policy Officer
  • María-Judith Rodríguez, Director of Human Resources

Advisory Team

In order to ensure appropriate representation of all Amherst College employees, the Advisory Team will serve as an ongoing feedback group during the course of the project, and will provide input to the design and implementation of the plan. The members of the Advisory Team are:

  • Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Professor of English and American Studies (Representing the Committee on Priorities and Resources) - Replaced by Pavel Machala, Professor of Political Science
  • John-Paul Baird, Associate Professor of Psychology (Representing the Committee on Priorities and Resources)
  • John Carter, Chief of Campus Police/Director of Public Safety (Representing the Manager’s Council)
  • Danielle Laferriere, Staff Assistant - AC Caterers (Representing the Employee Council)

This group will have a critical role in ensuring that the new classification and compensation system addresses the needs of all employees.