Emergency Contact Information

The information provided on the "Emergency Contact Information" form is to be used by the College in the event of an emergency. 

Mass Notification - AC Alert

Amherst College utilizes the AC Alert mass notification system to reach students and staff with time‐sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies. 

Mass notification alerts are sent to employee's College provided desk telephone, email address and mobile device.  Employees should also include a personal cell phone, residence phone, text number or non-Amherst email address.

Students should use the Address, Telephone and Mass Notification form on the Students Menu.

Questions concerning AC Alert preferences should be directed to Steve Judycki, Director of Telecommunications and Networking.

College Emergency

The College may experience an emergency that affects employees who are not on campus.  Employees should provide telephone number(s) where they may be reached. 

Personal Emergency

In the event of a personal emergency, employees should provide name(s) and telephone numbers of person(s) to be called.

Questions concerning College or Personal Emergency information should be directed to Human Resources. Supervisors may submit emergency contact information for staff without network access to Heap Sin, Human Resources.