Amherst Works: A Newsletter for Amherst College Employees

Welcome to Amherst Works, an e-newsletter produced by the Office of Human Resources. Through the newsletter we hope to provide another means of communication to spotlight our employees, share new initiatives and highlight important resources for staff and faculty.

Since we all help to make Amherst special, each publication will feature individuals in a department. Other sections may include Arrivals and Departures, Important Benefit News, an ACPP Corner, Training & Development Opportunities, Health & Wellness Notes and a column with Amherst Experts sharing tips among other things. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see in a future issue by e-mailing  

Like other departments on campus, we are moving toward electronic communication which will reduce costs and support our green initiatives. Paper copies of the newsletter will be distributed to facilities, dining services and rental housing employees. As we continue to face changing times it is more important than ever to share information, engage our community and celebrate our successes with each other.

Issue 1, December 2010

Issue 2, May 2011

Issue 3, December 2011

Issue 4, June 2012

Issue 5, October 2012