Did you know the following interesting tidbits?

From the Library

Total volume count of books, bound periodicals, etc? 1,531,052

Volumes added last year? 18,536

Percent of all U.S. government documents received each year? 29%

Hours the library is open per week? 113

From the Electrical Shop

Number of elevators across campus? 39

Number of fire alarm panel systems throughout campus? 86

Number of pole lights (short and tall) throughout campus? 269

Number of feet of high-voltage cable installed during the infrastructure project from 2002-03? 52,080

From the Admission Office

Number of total pages read for all applicants last year? 250,290

From the Custodial Shop

Number of rolls of toilet paper used annually? 28,800

Number of rolls of paper towels used annually? 7,488

From the Landscape and Grounds Department

Number of acres mowed? 100

Number of acres that are brush cut? 20

Number of gallons of environmentally-friendly Liquid Magic use last year? 6,000