A Note from the Director of Human Resources


who's who

Who’s Who

In this installment of our Who’s Who series, we profile three members of Beneski Museum of Natural History.


KATE WELLSPRING: I grew up in N.E. and went to Bard College. I worked in San Francisco and then moved to the Valley to go to UMass for grad school (anthropology). When I finished my degree, I came here.


FRED VENNE: 25+ years of public school service in the Northampton area. The most recently held position was as the Principal for the Williamsburg Public School. Past Executive Director of a social services agency.


PETER CROWLEY: I’ve been at Amherst College for 25 years. I came from the University of Toronto. I received my Ph.D. from MIT and my undergrad degree from McGill. I grew up in D.C.


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Dear Colleague,

It’s been six months since I arrived at the Pioneer Valley and joined Amherst College as your Director of Human Resources. This has been a short but very intense period, in which I have been able to learn a lot about the College’s programs, its goals and opportunities and, most importantly, its amazing and caring staff and faculty.  Coming from the soul-warming Caribbean, my family and I are going through a big transition process, which has been made easier thanks to your support and kind advice...>>MORE

Benefits News

Changes to Retirement Plan - Changes to the Amherst College Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (the Retirement Plan) went into effect on Dec. 2, 2011. The funds in which to invest are being changed: new funds are being added; some current funds are no longer going to be able to receive new contributions...>>MORE

Appreciation Column

Nor’easter Brings More Than Just Snow and Damage to Our Area - On Oct. 31, 2011, the day after the Nor’easter, Landscape and Grounds Assistant Supervisor Mark Uchneat, emailed Director of Facilities Jim Brassord ...>>MORE

Feeding People in the Cold and Dark - Remember Monday, Oct. 31? It was cold, snowy and dark. The college was closed that day. What many people may not realize is that Dining Services was running that day, feeding students, staff and faculty who were on campus, as well as people from the community who had nowhere to go and nothing to eat....>>MORE

Diverse Employees

Employees from Around the Country and the World…

The College’s diverse population includes individuals from the United States and throughout the world. Just this year, we have folks joining us to work, teach and conduct research from the following areas: ...>>MORE

Amherst College Employee Engagement

The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) has embarked on a project to document and celebrate the community service and engagement of College employees.  Beginning in the next issue, each newsletter will feature a story about employees volunteering with community organizations,...>>>MORE

Campus Challenge

Amherst College Rising Together to Address Poverty, Hunger and Interfaith Engagement

President Obama sent a letter to all college and university presidents (or their equivalents) in the spring of 2011 inviting them to participate in The President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.[1] Tony Marx enthusiastically supported Amherst College’s involvement, as have Greg Call and Biddy Martin in turn.

The purpose of the President’s Challenge is to see campuses develop in three areas: ...>>>MORE

Val's Got Talent

After seeing the amazingly talented individuals and groups who performed during Inauguration Weekend and how it brought the community together, Dining Services is working on creating a weekly entertainment/performance program, Val’s Got Talent...>>>MORE

Beneski Museum of Natural History Trivia

Several specimens were collected and donated by early alums of the College who became missionaries and lived abroad. With this in mind:  Do you know which country the water buffalo came from? >>>MORE