Museum Trivia

1. Do you know how many different buildings have housed Amherst College’s natural history collections?

2. In what year did the natural history collections move to their current building?

3. How many people did it take to move all of the specimens?

4. How long did it take to pack all of the specimens?

5. How many objects were packed and moved?

6. How many items were damaged during the move?

Several specimens were collected and donated by early alums of the College who became missionaries and lived abroad. With this in mind:

7. Do you know which country the water buffalo came from?

8. Do you know which country the quartz stalactites came from?

9. Do you know which country the stuffed dove came from?

10. Do you know how many visitors the museum has per year?

11. Which specimen is the most photographed (and yet isn’t real)?

12. Which specimen is a real fossil of an animal as vicious as the T. rex?