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Employee Appreciation Day!


At the end of May, after all the dust settled from this year’s Commencement and Alumni Reunion, Amherst staff gathered for an afternoon of food and fun, celebrating a job well done, and inaugurated a new tradition to honor those who make the college run.



Have You Completed The Harassment Prevention Program?

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to thank those of you who have completed the online United Educators Workplace Harassment Course, and to remind the rest of our faculty and staff colleagues of the importance of completing this course. The past couple of months have been very busy with the end of the academic year and the large events that accompany commencement and reunion.  We hope that you will now find the time to complete this training course by Friday, June 29th.

Retirement Plan Investment Committee

With the introduction of the fund changes to the Amherst College Defined Contribution Plan (the Plan) last year, questions were asked about how the newly formed Plan Investment Committee would function, how it would report information to Plan participants, and how new funds might be evaluated for inclusion in the fund options available for contributions.  This communication is intended to provide some feedback on the process.