Human Resources will be offering educational programs over the summer months. Come back to the HR home page soon for details:

The programs we are planning to offer include:


11:00 am

Freidmann Room, Campus Center  

Supervisory Forum

This 90-minute session will be the second Supervisory Forum open to all supervisors, department heads and academic chairs. An outline of the agenda will be available in advance and sent to you once you have registered to attend. Lunch will be provided.


9:00 am

Alumni House

Bystander Awareness and Techniques

Have you experienced or observed inappropriate behaviors at work and not been sure how to respond or what to say? Bystander training encourages people to speak up and address situations rather than allowing them to happen without any response. This two-hour session will offer an introduction to bystander techniques as well as opportunities to practice interventions in a variety of settings. Participants will discuss why people are reluctant to speak up and strategies for overcoming these fears.

Presenter: Stephen Butler


12:00 pm

Terrace Rooms, Valentine

Community Conversation – Campus Climate / Respectful Workplace

Community Conversations are opportunities to meet and talk with a wide range of people where you can share and discuss ideas that can improve our campus. As these conversations continue, we are shifting the purpose by focusing on a topic or theme and trying to develop specific ideas and plans to address the issues we discuss.

In  July, we will explore and brainstorm how we can continue and expand on recent five college initiatives such as Intergroup Dialogues and Bystander training to involve more people and sustain a respectful and inclusive campus for all staff, faculty and students.


1:00 pm

Porter Lounge, 3rd floor Converse Hall

Applying to College – How to Prepare

Do you have a high school student who will be applying to college?  This two-hour session will offer an introduction to the processes of researching colleges, seeking “good matches,” and how applications are reviewed by college admission officers. We will also discuss tips on how you, as a parent, can most productively participate in your child’s experience applying to college.  Please note that this will not be Amherst College specific, rather will provide a more generic overview about the application process.  There will be ample time reserved for questions.

Presenter: Katie Fretwell, Director of Admissions, Amherst College


11:00 am

Porter Lounge

Staying Centered Under Stress

Do you often rush? Are you under pressure to make deadlines? In an emotional tight space? Do you feel that you are always busy? This unique hourlong workshop integrates centering practices that you can use during any of your daily activities to take the stress out of your day.  You will learn what the grounding center is, and how to get and stay connected with it to maintain a cool head and balanced energy.  We will practice the centering in several ways: through breathing, mind/body exercises, visualization and awareness. Come learn how to integrate this mindfulness into everyday work.  All levels and abilities welcome. Handout included.

Presenter: Arden Sundari Pierce, Wellness Instructor

 8/8 & 8/15

9:00 am

Porter Lounge

Supervising Student Workers

Student workers are an integral part of many college departments. Supervising student workers poses some unique challenges, as well as offering exciting educational opportunities to help students learn and practice skills that will assist them once they have completed college. This two-part training is intended for anyone who supervises students and provides practical ideas as well as an introduction to some fundamental aspects of effective supervision. Each session is three hours.

This training includes:

  • practical techniques and ideas for interviewing and hiring
  • payroll and administrative responsibilities
  • issues to be aware of relating to harassment and supervising a diverse workforce
  • ideas for creating a successful orientation and establishing clear expectations
  • an introduction to Situational Leadership – how to adapt to the differing needs of the student employees
  • ways to address issues and problems if students are not performing their tasks

August 8: Interviewing & Hiring, Payroll and Legal Issues

August 15: Supervisory Skills, Orientations and Progressive Discipline

Presenters: Stephen Butler and Nancy Robinson from the Office of Financial Aid

 TBA Terrace Rooms, Valentine  

Community Conversation – Wellness Activities 

Community Conversations are opportunities to meet and talk with a wide range of people where you can share and discuss ideas that can improve our campus. As these conversations continue, we are shifting the purpose by focusing on a topic or theme and trying to develop specific ideas and plans to address the issues we discuss.

This conversation will focus on developing ideas and activities that bring people together and promote wellness while also learning about our campus. In the past we have offered tours of the Bunker, and this summer we are doing a tour of the Sanctuary. We’re interested in hearing other ideas about places to explore or events we can plan to create more opportunities for people to connect with each other. 

TBA Alumni House

Mood and Food

Eating is a complicated process. One would think that people would only eat when they are hungry. However, there are many other reasons that cause people to eat besides physical hunger. This seminar will help participants define, identify and develop skills to manage emotional eating.

Participants will learn to

  •  Assess if they hold characteristics common to emotional eating
  • Define and identify key signs of emotional eating
  • Discuss eating triggers and the purpose served by comfort foods
  • Review tactics for changing emotional eating behaviors to healthy eating choices

Presenter: Wellness Corp

 TBA Alumni House

Wellness Walking

In a hectic world it can be tough to find a fitness routine that works for you and that fits into your daily routines. Walking is a diverse fitness regimen that can be done in small pieces throughout the day, still allowing for optimal health benefits. This seminar will review the benefits of walking, proper technique and tips to walk your way to better health!

Participants will learn to

  • Define and review the different types of walking
  • Review fitness recommendations
  • Understand the benefits of walking
  • Identify personal reasons and goals for implementing a walking routine
  • Learn proper walking technique
  • Review tips to stay motivated and sustain a walking routine

Presenter: Wellness Corp