$1,000 Bonus for Dining Services and Community Safety Assistant Referrals

Employees will receive a $1,000 award for referring a prospective staff member for an advertised, open vacancy in a casual, full- or part-time Dining Services or CSA position. The bonus will be subject to applicable payroll tax withholdings.

The referral bonus will be paid out once the new staff member completes one month of service.

For more information, email the Office of Human Resources at hr@amherst.edu.

Changes to Compensation

On March 25, 2022, the President’s Office announced changes to compensation that will result in an increase in pay for many of our extraordinary employees. The well-deserved increases will be in effect as of the first April 2022 payroll.

They reflect a strategic investment that will also assist hiring managers with recruiting and retaining talent at a time of market pressures and labor shortages.

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