Human Resources Structure and Strategy Assessment

The college undertook an analysis of its human resources function. To support this effort, we drew on the expertise of Sibson Consulting, a national consulting firm that focuses its work on the assessment of higher education operations.  The evaluation, which encompassed human resources practices, processes, structures, and services, helped us identify our strengths, as well as areas that are in need of improvement.  Soliciting input from many staff and faculty across campus was a  key part of this initiative.

Sibson provided us with a comprehensive report, which includes a series of recommendations for change. Please scroll down for a summary of the report.  This assessment provides a detailed guide for the work of meeting the needs of our campus now and in the future, including building a best-in-class human resources organization.  We have already begun to implement the report’s recommendations.  With the input of senior leadership, we are revising the mission and vision of the Office of Human Resources. Internally, we are streamlining processes to gain efficiencies and improve service; soon, we will engage campus partners in this effort.  This work will be challenging and will take time, but we are confident that the results will have a tremendous impact.

We will keep the community informed of our progress. We thank you for your continued support and engagement.


Maria-Judith Rodriguez, Chief Human Resources Officer