E4Health has become New Directions

The prior username, now called ‘company code’ remains the same: Amherst College, and there is no longer a need for a password.

The URL: helloe4.com will automatically redirect users to the new URL; eap.ndbh.com for at least a year, if not longer. 

There is also an update phone number, 800-624-5544.  We are excited to have one phone number for all services.  Again the old numbers will automatically redirect callers for at least a year. 

New Directions is a comprehensive resource available to the Amherst College community to help and support you with life services for everyday living. Some of the resources and services available include:

  • Family and Caregiving - Parenting, Prenatal/Fertility, Adoption, and Eldercare Services
  • Daily Living - Legal, Financial, and Convenience Consultations and Referrals
  • Emotional Well-Being - Addiction and Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Stress Support
  • Health and Wellness - Referrals to Gyms, Holistic Health Resources and Support groups

Members of the Amherst College community can access these services at any time, either through the New Directions website or by calling the toll-free phone number, (800) 624-5544. Accessing and using these services is confidential.

Medical family leave days can be used by an employee for EAP appointments.

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