We encourage employees to visit this site frequently to gather and review information related to the Amherst College Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (the Plan).  The site has links to Plan documents, required disclosures, and other information that may be helpful in planning for retirement.  The Plan recordkeeper, TIAA-CREF, frequently distributes webinar invitations and other pertinent information that can be accessed through links available here.

Amherst Defined Contribution Plan Documents and Information

Participant Disclosure Information

These reports are produced once per year pursuant to government requirements. More updated performance information can be obtained by accessing the Amherst microsite noted below.

Amherst Microsite

The microsite at TIAA-CREF contains information that is specific to Amherst College, including, among other things, basic plan provisions and the Plan investment choices with performance reports. From this site you are also able to gain access to your account and utilize a number of useful tools for retirement planning. You are able to change elections, to direct transfers between funds, and to change the way your future contributions are invested. Link to the microsite.

Plan Updates

Webinar and Other Educational Information