The annual Open Enrollment Period for insurance benefit changes begins Monday, May 13, 2024 and continues through Monday, June 3, 2024. During this time you may make changes to your benefit plan elections. In many cases, the next opportunity to modify your benefit coverage will be July 1, 2025. Please review the following information carefully and submit any change requests through WorkDay by June 3, 2024. Please visit the following links, most relating to the open enrollment, for more information.

2024-2025 Amherst College Benefits Guide 2024-2025 Guía de los Beneficios

Need Help Choosing Your Benefits? Use ALEX, the official Amherst benefits counselor, who will walk you through the process of picking your best benefits and provides easy-to understand explanations for any questions you have along the way. Visit to give ALEX a try.

Enrollment Meeting

Please join us at the upcoming benefit enrollment meeting, where you will have the opportunity to gather information and to discuss any benefits issues or changes you may be contemplating.

  • Zoom meeting, Thursday, 05/23/2024, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Register to attend the Open Enrollment Meeting

Submitting Changes

As it was last year, all open enrollment changes at Amherst will be submitted through Workday. Paper change forms will not be accepted.

Information of how to use Workday to make open enrollment changes:

  • Viewing your present benefits
    • Click the Menu Button in the upper left of the screen
    • Select Benefits and Pay
    • In the left hand column click Benefits and then Benefit Elections
  • Making elections at Open Enrollment

Health and Dental Information

Health and Dental Insurance Premiums

Employee Only

Health Insurance Premiums

Employee Only

Dental Insurance Premiums

Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner

Health Insurance Premiums

Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner

Dental Insurance Premiums

Employee and Child(ren)

Health Insurance Premiums

Employee and Child(ren)

Dental Insurance Premiums


Health Insurance Premiums


Dental Insurance Premiums

Part Time Premiums (for regular employees working 20 to 29 hours per week)


Health Plan Information 

Información de salud y odontología en español.

The SBC, the Summary of Benefits and Coverage is detailed, good for side-by-side comparisons. The Summary of Benefits is a readable, succinct guide to the plan.
HMO Blue New EnglandSBCSummary of Benefits
HMO Blue New England $500 DeductibleSBCSummary of Benefits
Blue Choice New EnglandSBCSummary of Benefits
Blue Care Elect Preferred (out-of-state residents, only)SBCSummary of Benefits
Blue Care Elect Saver 90 (high deductible plan)SBCSummary of Benefits
Dental Plan Information
Dental Blue FreedomSummary of Benefits
Dental Blue Freedom with OrthodonticsSummary of Benefits

A word about networks

Our health plans use the terms in-network and out-of-network to describe coverage. For three of our health plans, HMO Blue, HMO Blue Deductible and Blue Choice, the network is the HMO Blue New England network, which covers most of the doctors and facilities in the New England region. Urgent and emergency care is covered anywhere in the world with these plans, but conventional coverage is considered in-network when it is provided within the HMO Blue New England network. The high deductible plan, Blue Care Elect Saver Plan 90, uses the PPO or EPO network, which is much larger. In-network with this plan means participating doctors and facilities nationwide.

Find a Dentist, Doctor or Other Practitioner in the Blue Cross Networks

Medication Lookup (choose the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Formulary)

Emergency Room Alternatives


Dental Maximum Rollover Amounts

Sliding Scale Consideration

If you are currently participating in Sliding Scale, please remember that you need to apply each year -- it does not carry over. Applying for sliding scale will be done by zoom meetings or by arrangement with a Human Resources representative. Eligibility will be determined by the total income line, line 9 on your 2023 IRS 1040 form or the equivalent line on other tax returns. Please note, W-2s cannot be used to document income.

Sliding Scale Virtual Sessions:

  • Thursday, May 30, 2024 - 09:00 - 10:00 AM
  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 02:30 - 03:30 PM

Register for a virtual sliding scale appointment

Amherst Plan (Flex Spending) Information

Flex spending may be elected at Open Enrollment. Please note, that if you are currently participating in flex spending, you must make a new election to continue your participation in the new fiscal year -- this is not automatic. The limits this year are $3,200 for health care flex spending account and $5,000 for a dependent care flex spending account.

The Amherst Plan Summary Plan Description

A list of eligible items and services for the Health Care FSA

IRS Publication 502 -- Allowable Medical Expenses

IRS Publication 503 -- Allowable Dependent Care Expenses

Vision Insurance Information

Note: Blue Cross medical plans come with one free basic vision exam per year. EyeMed provides one free vision exam (including a contacts exam), and co-pay benefits for glasses and contacts at participating vendors.

EyeMed Summary of Benefits

Life and Long Term Disability Insurance Information

At Open Enrollment, an employee may elect up to one step of optional coverage without providing evidence of insurability. That is, if you have basic life coverage, you can elect 1x optional life coverage. If you have 1x, you can elect 2x and so on.

You may elect more than one step of optional coverage at any time by completing the Prudential Evidence of Insurability form and returning it to Prudential. They may require additional information. Once approved, your changes will be entered by an HR benefits partner.

At Open Enrollment, you may elect child coverage and/or spouse coverage. Spouse coverage is available in the amounts of $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000. Please note that the $50,000 level requires that your spouse submit an Evidence of Insurability form to Prudential and be approved.

Summary of Benefits - Life and Long Term Disability Insurance

Prudential Evidence of Insurability Form

Retirement Plan Elections

You may change your election to your 403(b) plan at any time -- but not through WorkDay. Visit TIAA by going to:

There, you will find directions on how to change your elections and the single sign-on link to TIAA, which will log you in automatically. The changes you make at TIAA will be transmitted to WorkDay.