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With the recent news from the Biden Administration announcing the expansion of the Federal student loan forgiveness program, Amherst College is pleased to offer a robust solution that helps find the best federal repayment and forgiveness programs for your financial situation. 

The path to reducing your monthly student loan payments and working toward loan forgiveness could be getting much easier.  

We are pleased to be working with TIAA, who has teamed up with Savi, a public benefit corporation. Savi has identified more than $200 million in projected student loan forgiveness and is working to help eligible borrowers tackle what’s needed to achieve forgiveness.  The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) waiver program includes complex rules, procedures and forms to enroll in the program. Savi offers special services to help you navigate the PSLF waiver program. 

Specifically, Savi can help you strengthen your financial footing in the short-term, it also positions you for student loan forgiveness:

  • Determines if your loan(s) qualify for forgiveness
  • Reduces your payment based on your income and family size
  • Frees up funds that you can direct towards other financial goals
  • Savi also offers an optional service for an annual fee of $60 where Savi will track and automatically submit the required paperwork

TIAA / Savi Student Loan Solution
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