The College has the responsibility of periodically filing an application with the Internal Revenue Service for an updated “determination letter” for the Amherst College Staff Retirement Plan.  Filing for a new (updated) determination letter must be done to ensure that the retirement plan document complies with all of the relevant legislation that has been passed since the last determination letter was issued.  Other than the modifications necessary to keep in compliance, there are no changes to the plan.

 The Staff Retirement Plan is a “frozen plan” and covers a specific group of staff employees who were employed as of July 1, 1994.  There have been no new participants in the plan since that date.  A determination letter is necessary even in the case of a frozen plan.  The Internal Revenue Service specifies the method and timing of the correspondence.  When a new determination letter is requested, a “Notice to Employees” must be furnished to all employees who work at the same location as those who are covered by the plan. 

Sending this notice to all faculty, administrators and staff will ensure that these requirements are met.  No action is required on your part.  If you have any further questions, please call Chris Casey or Philip Chapman-Bell at 413-542-2372.

The “Notice to Employees” for our application for a new determination letter can be viewed at the following link: