Total Compensation Sample Report

What is a Total Compensation Statement?

A Total Compensation Statement is an overview of your 2018 compensation and benefits, effective 7-1-2018 and projected over a 12 month period.  The statements also provides additional information around your complete compensation package, which includes your base salary, employer paid benefits such as health, dental, retirement, paid time off along with several other employee and employer benefits.  Please note, the statements were sent to active employees as of 7-1-2018, employees hired after this date will receive their statements in the next fiscal year.  Reasonable measures have been taken to ensure this statement is an accurate estimate but is not a guarantee of future benefits or compensation.

How was my Annual Salary Calculated? 

We utilized the annual salary or hourly rate from July 1, 2018 and projected that number over a 12 month period.  Please remember, this is just an estimate and not a guarantee of future compensation.

Does the Total Compensation Statement Include any Overtime? 

No, the statement is an estimate and does not include any overtime.

What Does the “My Contributions” and “Amherst College Contributions” Columns Represent? 

The “My Contributions” column is a list of the benefits and taxes that are deducted from your paycheck to pay for your benefits or required taxes.  The “Amherst College Contributions” column is a list of the benefits and taxes that Amherst College provides for you.

How was the Percentages That Appear under “Amherst’s Cost by Benefit” Graph Calculated? 

The percentages that appear in the “Amherst Cost by Benefits” Graph are calculated by dividing the “Amherst College Contributions” total benefit amount ($15,488) by each benefit in the graph.  For example, the graph below has 38% in the first (purple) column and that represents $5,850 of Health and Wellness.  If you divide the Health and Wellness amount ($5,850) by the Total Benefits, ($15,488) it equals 38%

  TCS example TCS graph

Who do I Contact with Additional Questions? 

Please contact the Office of Human Resource at or 413-542-2372