The mission of Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) is to create an affirming gathering space for all staff and faculty interested in sharing identities, experiences and/or interests.*  CRGs will support the College’s efforts to build community, transform our culture, and connect to and achieve its mission. They will also support efforts towards the inclusion of historically marginalized communities. For more information about the Amherst College CRG program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about current CRGs, follow the links below!

*The College will not endorse any group that forms on the basis of practices that discriminate against protected classes, in accordance with its non-discrimination policy.

Colleague Resource Groups (CRG) Current Groups



Climate Action & Sustainability

Laura Draucker

Alisa Pearson

Hayley Singleton

Doing the Work: White People Commiting to Anti-Racism

Angie Tissi-Gassoway

Sarah Erickson

First Generation

Casey Jo Dufresne

Tenzin Kunor


Rob Rea

Seeking a co-facilitator!

Knitting at Noon Jyl Gentzler 


Seeking co-facilitators!

Kaylee Brow

Sebastian Merrill

Mammoth Rock

Jess Martin

Harrison Blum

Joe Boucher


Lauren Reutenauer

Seeking co-facilitator!

People of Color

Cariel Lewis 


Propose a New CRG!

We welcome proposals for new CRGs that community members believe will meet the needs of the staff and faculty community and serve the CRG mission. To propose a new CRG, please complete this form.