Listing of Job Descriptions for Current Open Positions

PDF icon Assistant Director of the Amherst Fund.pdf373.58 KB
PDF icon Director of Affinity Engagement.pdf196.16 KB
PDF icon Director of 50th Reunion Giving.pdf388.81 KB
PDF icon Office Assistant and Receptionist (Casual Position, No Benefits).pdf291.56 KB
PDF icon Custodial Supervisor.pdf416.58 KB
PDF icon Custodian.pdf444.62 KB
PDF icon Senior Project Manager for Capital Stewardship.pdf402.91 KB
PDF icon Assistant Director of Global Education.pdf372.93 KB
PDF icon Assistant Editor.pdf227.79 KB
PDF icon Associate Registrar.pdf114.59 KB
PDF icon Audit Archivist Center for Russian Culture.pdf397.49 KB
PDF icon EDM Caretaker (Casual Position, No Benefits).pdf126.8 KB
PDF icon Employer Relationship Manager.pdf231.88 KB
PDF icon EDM House Manager (Casual Position, No Benefits).pdf392.75 KB
PDF icon Director of IT Infrastructure.pdf389.67 KB
PDF icon Director of Recruitment & Onboarding.pdf422.55 KB
PDF icon Director of Workplace Relations.pdf421.8 KB
PDF icon Assistant Director of Residential Life & Coordinator of Community Standards.pdf404.96 KB
PDF icon Health Promotion Sexual Respect Educator.pdf397.7 KB
PDF icon Bicentennial Manager.pdf389.94 KB
PDF icon Summer Lifeguard (Casual Position, No Benefits).pdf412.42 KB
PDF icon Assistant Field Hockey (Casual Position, No Benefits).pdf399.02 KB
PDF icon Assistant Field Hockey Seasonal (Casual Position, No Benefits).pdf399.3 KB
PDF icon Building Trades Maintenance Worker.pdf201.37 KB
PDF icon Capital Projects Manager.pdf203.53 KB
PDF icon Regional Program Assistant.pdf579.36 KB
PDF icon Administrative Coordinator.pdf391.43 KB
PDF icon Third Cook.pdf347.71 KB
PDF icon English Department Post Baccalaureate Fellow.pdf384.13 KB
PDF icon Dining Services Assistant PM.pdf384.86 KB
PDF icon Database Architect.pdf167.13 KB
PDF icon Assistant Director of the Annual Fund (Students and Recent Alumni).pdf357.33 KB
PDF icon NCT Transition Archivist.pdf161.27 KB
PDF icon Amherst Fund Coordinator.pdf391.64 KB
PDF icon Development Assistant.pdf236.31 KB
PDF icon Assistant Director for Internship Programs.pdf581.59 KB
PDF icon Executive Chef.pdf539.25 KB
PDF icon Retail Dining Assistant 42 weeks.pdf567.31 KB
PDF icon Retail Server Supervisor.pdf572.49 KB
PDF icon Assistant Coach of Men & Womens Cross Country - 6.19.pdf568.6 KB