We all have goals at work and in our lives. These "targets" can sometimes feel easy, and sometimes feel very difficult to achieve. Archery at Work allows you to combine learning a skill (how to shoot a bow and arrow) with discovering how you set goals and hit your targets, all while having some fun with colleagues from across campus.

This three-hour program will include:

  • an opportunity to envision what would allow you to feel successful and satisfied
  • detailed instruction from a USA Level IV Archery Coach
  • practice time shooting at a target and receiving feedback on your form
  • discussion of what we can learn from attempting to master a new skill, focusing our attention on a goal/target, and exploring how we respond when we experience both success and failure

The program will start at 8:30 with a short introduction followed by about 30-45 minutes of instruction and safety training. After the initial instruction, you will focus on practicing the techniques, shooting arrows and improving your skills. The program will conclude with a discussion about people's experiences and what they learned and discovered about themselves.

The final summer session is:

for archers with basic knowledge who want to explore and learn how to develop resilience,  how "deep practice" can strengthen new skills, and how to improve performance by paying close attention to the learning process - both on the range and at work. And it will be fun!

We are very excited that we can offer this program on campus this summer! We will be setting up the archery range on the athletic fields thanks to the cooperation of the Athletics Department. Upon receipt of your registration, you will be sent a confirmation with information about where to meet and other logistics.

These sessions have a limited enrollment and have always filled. Please register early to ensure you have a spot. You will be placed on a wait list if the session you register for has filled.


Thursday, August 8   RIPPLE Archery
8:30 - 11:30 AM Hills Practice Field (next to the softball field near the Rental Properties Building / Whalen House)

Lead Instructor

Kyle Bissell, Level IV Coach / Sattva Center for Archery Training (formerly Amherst Archery Academy)

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