Hitting Your Targets - Arrows in Flight

Due to the large number of people who registered, the Hitting Your Targets program was expanded to two days with a total of 26 archers taking part. The groups traveled to the Bramble Hill Farm just down the street to the archery range set up by Amherst Archery Academy.

The sessions started with a brief reflection about goal setting and thinking about how people accomplish tasks at work. The archery instructors then provided a safety overview, led some stretches to help people prepare to use the bows, assessed the participants to determine which type of bow would be best, and then guided the group in the sequence of movements used to shoot an arrow. After about 45 minutes, everyone was ready to loose their first arrows, and the group stepped up to the shooting line and received individual instruction on their first shots.

After each round, arrows were collected and more instruction was provided to help the archers perfect their techniques. Arrows quickly began to hit the targets in clusters, and more arrows found their mark in each round. The instructors talked with individual archers to refine body position and breathing techniques, and used short videos to highlight some of the more advanced techniques in archery.

At the end of the morning, the group took a short time to refelct on what they learned and to share how they might use these new skills back at work. Many people commented on how they gained a new perspective on how they approach work tasks and projects, and how they might use their archer's skills to modify their daily routines.

These pictures show the progression from stretching to practicing to shooting the arrows for both groups.

Briefing and Practicing

Intro and safety briefing   Preparing to choose a bow

Learning the proper form   Practicing the form in the shade

Holding the bow    Demonstrating the draw

Preparing and Loosing the Arrows

Practicing the draw   Practicing the ready position

Coaching the first shot   One on one coaching

Library Archers   Preparing to loose

Arrows in flight   Fine tuning the form

Volley Ready Coaching from Kyle

Video Instruction   Focus on the target

A Bullseye Reaction